Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Look + Review: Darling Girl Jeweled Taupe and My Pretty Zombie MDMA Blush

Recently I've been doing quite elaborate reviews and although I love writing them and making several looks, swatches and product photos I thought it would be good to condense the reviews somewhat as well because it can be a lot to take in at once. I'm trying out a new format here where I post a look and then immediately write a review about some of the products that I used. Today I'll show you a beautiful pigment by Darling Girl: Jeweled Taupe and My Pretty Zombie's most popular blush pigment: MDMA. 

Jeweled Taupe is one of Darling Girl Cosmetics's most popular eyeshadows and is described as a metallic bronze taupe with multicoloured shimmer. It is an absolutely gorgeous colour, very glittery and shimmery but with neutral enough undertones where it doesn't lean too cool or too warm. There's a lot of multicoloured glitter in it, and you really need a sticky base (like Fyrinnae's or Darling Girl's glitter glue) so that the glitter stays put. 

Darling Girl Cosmetics is not a vegan brand but is completely cruelty free. You pay $5.90 for a full size and $2.50 for a petit, which makes this product very affordable.

MDMA's description on My Pretty Zombie's website:

"I look at drug names all day long at my day job...what better thing to name a product that gives you a glowing visage.

Please don't do drugs though ,okay? They are very bad."

"In popular culture, MDMA has become widely known as 'ecstasy' ('E' or 'X'), usually referring to its street pill form, although this term may also include the presence of possible adulterants. The terms "'molly' and 'mandy' can colloquially refer to MDMA in crystalline or powder form."-wikipedia

My take: MDMA Blush is a rose gold, but it's much more of a pink flush with a golden overlay than most other rose-gold blushers are. It's a really lovely colour that will suit a lot of skintones.

My Pretty Zombie has vegan options but is not a vegan brand, it is however completely cruelty free as all their products are tested on humans only. The blush pigment is fairly priced at 8 dollars for a full size, though I bought a sample pack to try out first which brings the price down a lot.

Jeweled Taupe and Pretty Zombie swatched with indoor light, with flash. Off-focus on purpose to show off the glitter better.

For this look I used Jeweled Taupe all over the lid and applied a darker taupe from the Lorac Pro palette in the outer corners to create some more depth. 

In this photo you can see the lovely flush that the MDMA Blush gives you very well. The best thing about this pigment is that it lasts for a long time! I wore this all day and at night the flush was still there, something that's quite rare for blushers.

Final Verdict

Both products are amazing! Jeweled Taupe is incredibly pigmented (though you need a sticky base for it to really shine) and very wearable but not boring at all with the multicoloured shimmer and it blends out beautifully, the same goes for the MDMA blush which gives a wonderful natural flush with a hint of golden glow to it. Both products won't kill your wallet, though if you go for international shipping it can bump up the cost quite a bit.

You can buy Darling Girl Cosmetics's products here and My Pretty Zombie products here.


  1. I love Jeweled Taupe. It's one of my very favorite shadows. Wearable neutral, but more fun with the sparkles.

  2. Oooh I can see why, it's absolutely stunning. I initially wasn't going to get it but I'm so happy that I did!

  3. Jeweled Taupe is a lovely shade :)


  4. Just stumbled upon your blog and its lovely. HOWEVER you should adjust the image size of your pictures (You can only assume you aren't exactly used to picture editing, image size can be edited in photoshop, around 8-900 would be perfect for the sizes of pictures you upload, and don't worry the pictures wont be more pixilated to look at, still crystal clear. Your pictures are relatively small, so you don't need a 3500 image size for a blog !!

    Its important and really a shame, I am telling you as a friend to help you - even on a freshly installed new version macbook your blog lags for ages, and it takes a lot of time for the pictures to show/load.

    Its literally impossible to scroll down and read your blog posts, since everything freeze for half a sec with every scroll..

    Hope you fix it, good luck! :-)