Thursday, 24 July 2014

The Importance Of Eyebrows

For the last two years I feel that well shaped and filled in eyebrows have become more and more popular in the make-up world and to me, it's not a surprise as of why. Eyebrows can drastically change what a person looks like and they add so much character to a face that I feel like it's one of the first things that you should try to tackle when you're interested in make-up. To illustrate how important brows are to the general look of a face I proceeded to quickly sketch a lady and gave her over 15 different brow shapes and intensities. 

I'm not going to tell you which ones I think are flattering or not because I feel like it's a matter of taste and not of fact. I personally dislike it when people tell you how to do something because they often only suggest it because it's what they personally like, not what may be most suitable for you. Different faces suit different things, so you should do your brows in whichever way you want! All I want to achieve with this is that you become aware of what different eyebrows do and perhaps gain some insight into how you want to shape your own.

Please note that in all of the following illustrations I didn't change anything in the drawing except for the brows. Also, just like with the photos in my usual articles, I made this myself. Feel free to share it with people or use it for non-profit reasons, but please always link them back to the original source. Thank you.

The one on the left uses the 'Anastasia' method, a popular way to shape eyebrows that suits a lot of face shapes, but not all.

Note how much the expression changes just by changing the arch of the brow and sharpening the edges.

These two are almost identical, but the one on the left is more heavily filled in towards the tail and the beginning of the brow is left natural and lighter. On the right, the brow is filled in all the way to the center, note how much the intensity of the brow changes with just a little addition like that. So if you want a softer, more natural effect, lightly fill in the beginning of the brow instead of heavily.

I keep seeing the brow on the left on the MUA's I follow on instagram, it's both full but very neatly shaped with a high arch. Note how much can change in a face by adding or subtracting volume as well. 

See how much changes in the intensity of the expressions when you change the opacity of the eyebrow. This is why it's important to think of the colour as well! It can change how you come across drastically.

Straight eyebrows are especially popular in Asia because they believe it brings youthfulness to the face.

See how even a light or artistic eyebrow can bring expression to the face in a way that the 'no eyebrow' lacks, though not having brows can be a statement in itself as well and is quite popular for that.

Can you see what I mean? Different brows do so many different things to faces, it's fascinating to me! What is your favourite way to shape your eyebrows, and what do you think will be a popular way to shape them in the future? 


  1. I love these drawings! Rarely do I fill in my brows, but it really does make such a difference. I've yet to get into different brow products though -- at the moment I'm only using the Clinique brow pencil, and also have some Benefit powder but I've decided it's the wrong colour for me.

    Totally sharing this on my blog facebook page!

  2. Thank you Teresa! Filling in my brows makes such a difference for me since they're quite sparse and light. By the way, have you tried using eyeshadow instead of brow powder? I always just use eyeshadow and set it with a bit of hairspray (spray it on the back of your hand and then tap it on.) and it always stays firmly in place. :)

  3. I still haven't tried eyeshadow! Makes sense though, because that's pretty much what brow powder is, right? Your brows always match your hair and colouring so perfectly.

  4. Eyebrows do really make such a big difference! I have trouble changing mine too drastically because they're naturally pretty slight. I'd have to draw a bunch on to achieve some of the fuller shapes. Filling them in a little bit makes my face look more "alive" though!

  5. I'm the same! My brows will never be very full and I think it would look a bit strange on me anyway, but I do fill them in every time and I love the difference it makes. If I had only 5 minutes to put make-up on I'd definitely do my brows first.

  6. Haha that's what I figured! It's all powder right? I actually use quite a cool toned colour (mauve from the Lorac Pro palette is a favourite) as it somehow always looks warmer when it's on my skin. So my tip is to go a bit cooler toned and lighter than you think you have to, but by all means go and experiment with eyeshadows! It has saved me so much money, though I like to draw the outline with a brow pencil still since it's just so much easier for me to get a clean line like that.

  7. I have the "Full and Tamed" type of eyebrows. I remember back in school, I almost had the "Comma Chameleon" brows because everyone else had them. :P Sometimes I'm so glad that I'm a hairy person because I have the ability to grow back mistakes made. ;)

  8. The 'Full and Tamed' is one of my favourites! I have the 'Super Light' eyebrows when I don't fill them in haha.

  9. wild style here XD maybe i should get my eyebrows done..

  10. I'm somewhere between "reliable" and "full and tamed." I kinda love the "Disney villain" but I feel so over the top when I do it. Love your post. Love your drawings.