Thursday, 19 June 2014

Look: Who Needs The Electric Palette Anyway?

When Urban Decay came out with the Electric palette I found it very hard not to buy it immediately, it had such bright colours that I didn't have yet and would possibly hardly ever use but I needed it anyway!

For the ones that don't know what I'm talking about, here's a photo of the Electric Palette. Watch and drool.

Luckily, having felt like this before after a product was hyped up to ridiculous levels *cough* all the Naked palettes *cough* and having been quite disappointed by the actual quality of the products - The Naked palette back in the day did in fact NOT solve all of my problems nor made me weep sweet angel tears of joy - I knew better than to give in to my desires and researched a bit. I've found out that although the palette has stunningly bright colours, I already had pretty good replacements for most of them. In fact, I only had to buy one or two colours seperately (a cobalt blue and a shimmery poisonous green) to be able to recreate most looks I saw people making with it! 

This is good because this means that I've A: Won from my childish thoughts that tirelessly chanted 'SO PRETTY MUST HAVE, WANT WANT WANT' in my head for months, B: Saved myself quite a bit of money and C: Spared myself the regret for buying another high-end item that I didn't really have any use for. 

To create this look I used a cobalt blue (Shiro Cosmetics's Evolve) all over the lid, a magenta colour in the crease (Too Faced's Totally Fetch), a dark purple (Sugarpill's Burning Heart palette) in the outer corners and the darkest parts of the crease, a super shiny silver (Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Surge) in the inner corners and a shimmery light green (Shiro's The Fourth Be With You) under the lower lashline. 

I used my beloved Red Cherry Demi Whispy false lashes for an extra dramatic effect and made a winged line as well. 

So yeah, I'm not saying that I won't eventually cave in and buy the damn thing anyway when I've scraped the cash together because although I have colours that are close to it I don't have anything exactly like it and bright colours appeal to me like shiny things to a magpie, but for now I'm super broke and happy playing with the eye pretties I already have thank you very much. 

Product List:


Glycerine (as primer)
Illamasqua pigment in Surge (silver)
Shiro Cosmetics pigment in Evolve (blue)
Too Faced Pretty Rebel Palette (magenta)
Sugarpill Burning Heart palette (purple)
Shiro Cosmetics pigment The Fourth Be With You (green)
Black eyeliner (don't recall brand)
Catrice eyeliner pencil (blue)
Red Cherry False Lashes
NYX Frou Frou Mascara


Catrice concealer (lightest)
Benefit Fake Up concealer
Essence Stay Matt! powder
Illamasqua cream blush in Dixie
NARS Albatross highlighter


NYX Istanbul


  1. I LOVE this look. Gorgeous. And yeah, the UD Electric palette looks awesome but the hype around it is a little insane. Plus if one were to want a brights palette Sleek makes a very affordable option.

  2. Thank you! It is really overhyped isn't it? It's everywhere I look! I'm trying to be smart about it and resist the hype until it's died down enough where people can be honest and objective about it. I swear in a few months time everyone will be like 'yeah that palette was kind of cool but....' :p

  3. Your color choices are always second to none, Hannypoppie!

  4. I LOVE the this look. If only coloured eyeshadow looked good on me too. I've been hearing wayyy too much about the electric palette. As much as I liked the colours and UD I don't think I could justify spending that much for a palette which I may use perhaps only once in the summer.
    Kookii || The Beauty Diary♥

  5. Is there any chance you have a YouTube channel? It would be so helpful to watch you work on your eye makeup :)

  6. Haha I'm planning to, but as of yet I'm still working up the courage to do videos! :p

  7. Thank you! I feel the same way, only I'd use it a tiny bit more for extreme or themed looks or something. I don't feel like I could justify the purchase to myself haha.

  8. Aw thanks Benoit! <3 I always love your posts on /r/mua!

  9. I'm thinking of buying the Sleek Acid palette, a lot of colours seem to be alike and it's a super neon bright palette.

  10. Maybe you could try doing voice-overs if the thought of chattering on while you do your makeup makes you uncomfortable/awkward? Looking forward to them anyways, you and coffee_pls are my favourite artists on /r/mua!

  11. Such a gorgeous look you made! :D

  12. That's a good idea, thank you!

  13. Ik dacht dus precies het zelfde, maar toen ik op vakantie was ging het toch aan me knagen en heb ik het palette toch wel gekocht. Uiteindelijk bleek dat alle kleuren heel anders waren dan alles dat ik in mijn stash heb. Ik heb er vandaag een look met het electric palette online gezet. En damn het is echt een geweldig palette <3 Vooral Trash en Jilted zijn zoooo mooi. Jouw look is ook prachtig geworden!

  14. En btw, ik heb het Naked 2 en die vind ik zwaar overhyped, ik gebruik hem praktisch niet. Naked 3 vind ik dan weer wel heel fijn werken en gebruik ik ook veel.

  15. Oooh ik zal zo even kijken! Ja het knaagt bij mij ook nog steeds hoor, maar ik blijf maar tegen mezelf zeggen dat ik al te veel oogschaduw heb. (Is ook zo. Al helemaal nu ik Indie dingen koop, alles is zo moooooi)

  16. Ja die Glamour Doll pigments woow <3 Ik wil ze ooook! Ik had daar vroeger ook al veel over gelezen (vroeger klinkt heel ernstig... Maar toen ik net met make-up begon haha. Ik vond de verpakking altijd to die for) Ja ik heb heel veel oogschaduw palettes, maar ik vind het juist heerlijk om veel kleuren te hebben. Moet er niet aan denken om elke dag dezelfde lame ass look te maken right.