Friday, 6 June 2014

Completed the 30 Days Of Make-Up Challenge!

It is done! I won't be annoying people on Instagram or Twitter (@Hannypoppie for both) about the challenge anymore because I've completed it! I am both relieved and a bit sad that it's over. Relieved because making photos every day was a lot harder and time consuming than I thought it would be, but a bit sad because doing a new look every day and chatting with everyone on social media was really cool. 

I do feel like I actually learned quite a bit from the challenge. I definitely discovered that doing something new everyday with my make-up forced me to try things I hadn't done before. I couldn't get stuck in a rut and use my favourite colours every time. Often I had to go to work so I had to keep it wearable as well. I thought I'd find it difficult to do something new every day but it was easier and much more fun than I expected! 

During the challenge I tried to tackle the aspects of make-up I didn't feel very confident in. Such as applying false lashes, the placement of blusher, cut creases and concealing spots. I really didn't like to use false lashes before the challenge, so much fuss! Now I've tried a few brands and discovered that falsies can really pull together a look. 

I also (re)discovered a few favourites, eyeshadows by Shiro Cosmetics were a big staple in my make-up during the challenge and I fell in love with new colour schemes that I wouldn't have considered before. Who knew that blues would make my eyes stand out like that!

The challenge also made me seek inspiration anywhere, and the more I let myself be inspired the more inspiration I found! Bloggers such as Coffee_Pls and Sandra Holmbom constantly make me want to recreate everything they do. /r/Makeupaddiction was frequented even more than usual, the looks and tips posted on there never failed to give me ideas about tomorrow's make-up look. 


Last but not least I learned how to save time editing my photos. I don't do much editing anyway beyond a bit of cropping and putting in titles and stuff, but I've become so much more efficient in selecting and editing the photos so that now it doesn't cost me much time at all! I've found my groove and know which kind of pictures I want, how many there will be in a certain article and how the articles were constructed. 

All in all, I'm very happy I did the challenge. I'm very glad that everyone else seemed to enjoy it too! Feel free to do the challenge as well and tell me about it when you do! I'd love to see with the variety of looks that you come up with! 

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  1. I love every single one of these looks! You are so gorgeous and your skills are top notch!