Sunday, 1 June 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 30: Pixie Dust

It is time, the last day of the challenge is finally upon us! Honestly, I'm kind of relieved that I got there. Not only because now I don't have to do something new and make photos of it everyday anymore but also because I'm chuffed to bits that I've actually done it! It wasn't a very hard challenge, but it was sometimes tricky to make photos or to post something. I didn't manage to post every day because I simply didn't have a laptop or internet at my disposal every time, but it was very regular and I did do a new look every day. I'm actually kind of proud at myself for sticking through it.

Today I was still at my sister's, her birthday party was yesterday and I'm hanging around for a few more days to chill out with her and her boyfriend until I have to go back to my normal life. I don't really do much partying anymore so I was absolutely WRECKED after yesterday, haha! I tried to hide my hungover face by putting glitter on it, I was moderately successful.

The light was really weird in this photo, but it shows off the violet sparks in my hot pink glitter really well so there we go.

Product List


Kat Von D eyeliner (brown)
Stila In The Light palette
Stila smudge eyeliner pencil
Hot pink glitter (so old the brand has worn off, probably not entirely sanitary. Pretty, though! Don't do what I do)
Benefit 'They're Real!' mascara


Look! Perk Me Up primer
Skinfood concealer
Illamasqua Cream Blush in Promise
Sleek Rose Gold Blusher
Essence Stay Matt! powder




  1. I love the comment "don't do what I do." Sounds just like what I tell people when I make bad decisions. :)
    Great look! I can never prevent my eyeliner from overwhelming my eyeshadow, but you always manage a good balance. I've enjoyed your 30 days of looks!

  2. Die glitter is to die for! Ik vind het knap dat je elke 30 dagen gedaan hebt! Het lukt mij niet om elke dag te posten want als ik bij mijn vriend ben heb ik mijn camera niet mee :) En ja als je daar dan drie dagen slaapt. Not so handy haha.

  3. Congrats on completing the challenge! :D

  4. Thank you!! I'll celebrate by walking around bare faced for the rest of the week, haha.

  5. Jaa zo mooi he, maar al heeel oud. Mijn moeder had het al in haar make-up tas zitten toen ik in de brugklas zat, dat is echt al heel lang geleden hoor! Elke dag posten is meer iets wat ik voor mezelf besloten had omdat ik de laatste paar maanden zo weinig tijd voor mijn blog had, dus het hoeft ook niet perse hoor! :p

  6. Thanks Katy! Happy to hear you enjoyed it, and seriously, don't do what I do. I found out the glitter used to be my mum's. In the 90's. It's really pretty though so I kind of kept it for eh..safekeeping. :p