Friday, 2 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up: Day One; Goth-Y Goodness Look + Review; Pristine by Illamasqua

I'll be the first to admit it, I've neglected this poor blog terribly! Terribly! Bad me, very bad. I haven't abandoned it though, at the moment life for me is quite hectic and although I still enjoy playing with make-up, it's hard for me to find the time and inspiration to come up with articles. 

Sooooo, to get me in the right mindset again I decided to do a 30 Days Of Make-Up challenge! I've seen other fabulous MUA's do it on Instagram and it's always seemed like a lot of fun to do.  

Basically, for 30 days straight, I post a make-up look. It can be any make-up look as long as it's by me, on me, but there's a catch: I can't do the same look twice! 

Are you excited? I'm excited! I decided to start off with something that pushed my limits a little bit, both in boldness and technique. I attempted pitch black lips paired with a dark cut-crease and even false lashes. 

Without flash.

With flash.

Black lipstick is hard to work with, it tends to drain the life out of your face and it can make you look quite severe. I decided to just roll with it and make a dramatic eye-look with colours that I don't normally wear, such as light teal, black and blue. I used a pink blush to liven the whole thing up a bit, the lashes helped to soften up the look and make it more girly. Oddly enough I really like the combination of cool colours even though I usually favour very warm tints. 

Mini Review: Illamasqua lipstick in Pristine

The lipstick I used for the look was Pristine by Illamasqua, a jet black lipstick that according to their website was matte, but in real life definitely wasn't. I didn't mind though. The lipstick itself feels very lovely on the lips, almost like a balm. Black lipsticks can get very uncomfortable and tug on the lips, but I had no problems with Pristine. It also lasted for a very long time when I wore it and didn't bleed.

There was one major problem with the lipstick though, it wouldn't attach to the inner part of the lips! This really is an issue for me since the black contrasts so starkly against the pink of my lips, it's very visible and I don't think it looks very nice. Illamasqua is a mid-end brand, and I expect problems like those to arise with a budget brand lipstick, not a higher priced one. 

Final Verdict:


- Creamy texture
- Longlevity
- Feels comfortable
- A true, pitch black
- No issues with bleeding
- Not tested on animals, cruelty free
- Pretty Packaging


- Pricetag of £18,50- 
- Lipstick has trouble sticking to the inner part of the lips, definitely needs a lipliner underneath.

Anyway, let me know what you think of this look and the idea of doing a 30 day challenge. I'm equally excited and nervous about it and hope I can actually finish it and post a look every day! 


  1. I love this look! And challenges. I just started doing a fragrance challenge on my own blog. I don't have Pristine but I always have the pink inner lip issue with black lipstick... it looks weird. Usually I blot the hell out of the area with a tissue, attack with lipliner before it has a chance to get wet again, and apply the lipstick. That seems to make it stick a bit better, but it's not perfect. I have yet to hear anyone say that black lipstick wasn't kind of high-maintenance. :P

  2. Thank you! And glad to hear it's not just me that has trouble with it, haha! I usually have this problem with very creamy lipsticks, I'll get my hands on a black lipliner and try my luck next time using your method. A fragrance challenge sounds interesting! I'll make sure to check it out. =D