Wednesday, 7 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 6: Purple Gradient Lips

In my last looks I've mostly been focusing on the eyes, so today I thought it would be cool to do something lip-centered instead! I went for soft neutral eyes and a bold gradient purple lip. 

I kept the eyes looking relatively simple by dusting a shimmery nude all over the lid and applying a brown taupe in the crease and the lower lashline. I tightlined my upper lashes with a brown gel liner and applied several coats of brown mascara to keep the eyes soft but defined. I curled my lashes as well, but I've been wondering if that'll ever actually have any effect on me haha. My eyelashes are pretty straight, curled or not! 

I lined my lips with a magenta lip pencil and then carefully applied a matte purple lipstick in the corners and worked it towards the middle of the lips. To finish it off I applied a creamy magenta coloured lipstick in the middle and blended it in with the purple to create a gradient effect that wouldn't smudge away with my lips touching. 

Overall, I think that this look is pretty cool! Purple lips are very trendy right now and the gradient made it a little bit more interesting to me. It also brought a lot more depth to the look itself and made it a lot more lifely. 

Product List


Urban Decay Primer Potion
LORAC Pro eyeshadow palette (Nude, Taupe) 
Stila smudge eyeliner in damsel (lower lashline)
Catrice brown gel liner (discontinued, tightline)
MaxFactor Clump Defy (brown)


Glycerine (as primer)
Hema eyebrow pencil (lightest)
Stila In The Light eyeshadow palette (Bliss)


Essence My Base (pink, as primer and highlighter)
Benefit Fake Up! concealer
Illamasqua cream blush in Dixie
LORAC Pro eyeshadow palette (Taupe, contour)
Essence Stay Matt powder


MAC Magenta lip liner
MAC Girl About Town (centre)
Sleek Mardi Gras lip palette (purple)


  1. I love it! And I think shifting the focus from bold eye makeup to a bold lip is a great idea. It's nice to mix things up a bit! :)

    (PS I've been looking at your other posts so far but haven't had a chance to comment until now!)

  2. Thanks Becca! For me, the whole point of the challenge is mixing it up a bit, you can get stuck in a make-up rut so easily when you do it to go to work.

    And oooh good to know! I always look forward to your comments but don't feel obliged to comment on everything, ain't nobody got time for that! :p

  3. Hey there fellow Redditor! I saw your 30 Days of Makeup post and had to come say how gorgeous they all are; but this one is my favorite. The colors are just stunning!

  4. Oh hi! Always awesome to see another Redditor, thank you! I really liked the purple lip too, I feel light straight on purple makes me look a bit too ghostly but with a magenta gradient it somehow became more wearable.