Saturday, 31 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 29: Gruesome Twosome

Apologies  for the delay, I'm in The Netherlands! Surprise! Day 30 will be uploaded later today

Yesterday was my sister's birthday, and I had arranged to come over! It was amazing seeing her again, my sister and I very close and sometimes it is tricky for us that we can't see each other all the time anymore. Still, I feel very lucky that my most cherished friend got to be born into my family. I know that not all sisters are thick as thieves, so I know that I'm fortunate. 

I wore a simple look yesterday consisting of my favourite duochromes and autumn colours. I wasn't able to make a lot of photos but I hope they're sufficient. 

The two colours I used on my eyes are very interesting in the sense that they're both duochromes. Moon Prism Power is a white gold with a green shift and I Loved A Maid is a coppery gold with a greenish golden shift. Both pigments are from Shiro Cosmetics (as expected!)

I used a brown eyeliner (Kat Von D) and smudged a brown pencil under the lower lashline. On the lips went a sheer coral colar (Why Not Zoidberg? from Shiro Cosmetics) and on the cheeks a coral flush.(Sleek Rose Gold).

Product List


Lorac eye primer
Shiro Cosmetics Moon Prism Power
Shiro Cosmetics I Once Loved A Maid
Kat Von D eyeliner (brown)
Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara
Stila Cosmetics Smudge Eyeliner
NARS Albatross (highlighter)


Sleek Rose Gold (blush)
Look! Perk Me Up Primer
Skinfood Concealer
Catrice Concealer
Essence Stay Matt! Powder
NARS Albatross


Shiro Cosmetics Why Not Zoidberg?

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