Wednesday, 28 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-up Day 26 & 27: Blusher As Eyeshadow and Coffee_pls

As you may or may not have noticed, I didn't put a look online yesterday! I had made the photos but I didn't have the time to write a post so I thought I'd just do two days in one post today. 

The two looks almost couldn't be more different, one consists of colour reminiscent of tasty summer cocktails and the other a dark moody smokey eye in the style of Jo from Coffee_Pls (check out her blog and instagram, she's such an ethereal beauty and very talented as well!) who has recently made a tutorial for this look.

I think I talked about this on my blog before, but sometimes I like using my blushers as eyeshadow. I used to do this when my make-up obsession was just simmering beneath the surface and I didn't own much make-up but wanted to experiment anyway, as it turns out, some blushers double for very nice eyeshadows! For this look I used several Sleek blushers, Rose Gold and the Blush by 3 Pumpkin palette amongst others. I used a few eyeshadows too, but the rose gold and reddish tinge are all designed to go on the cheeks. 

Product List:


Sleek Blush 3 Palette (pumpkin, outer corners, lower lashline and crease)
Sleek Rose Gold (all over lid)
Shiro Cosmetics Heart Attack (outer corners, lower lashline.)
Catrice highlighting pencil (inner corners, waterline)
MAC magenta lip pencil (lower lashline)
Ardell false lashes (demi whispies)
NYX Cosmetics Frou Frou Mascara
Glycerine (as primer)


Sleek Rose Gold (blush)
Essence My Base (highlight)
Skinfood concealer
LOOK Perk Me Up primer
Essence Stay Matt! powder


Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak

As I mentioned above, Jo from Coffee_Pls did a tutorial about this look a few days ago! She wears it so well and as I always struggle with smokey eyes (to me they always feel kind of harsh on me) I decided to give her tutorial a go. I definitely like this smokey eye better than my own versions! The trick lies in building up the intensity slowly and steadily, definitely watch Jo's tutorial if you want to recreate this look!

To matcht the dark intense eyes I felt like I had to give my eyebrows a bit more attention than usual, I made them darker towards the tips to make them a bit more interesting. On my cheeks I didn't apply blush but just a taupe colour as a contour and I used the most nude colour I had on my lips to make the attention go to my eyes even more. 

Unfortunately, I had massive trouble finding decent light today as it was gloomy and dark outside, most of my photos turned out either far too light or too dark (another sign I should finally invest in some decent lamps!) so I made a little GIF that shows off the look a lot better than the pictures I managed to make. 

Product List


Lorac Pro Palette (all eyeshados)
Rimmel Scandaleyes kohl pencil (Black)
Catrice waterproof mascara
Urban Decay Primer Potion
Ardell false lashes (Demi Whispies)


Skinfood concealer
LOOK Perk Me Up Primer
NARS Albatross (highlight)
Lorac Pro Palette (Mauve, as contour)


Catrice The Nuder The Better
Catrice concealer


  1. That looks so fab on you, and I love the blusher as eyeshadow too! :D

  2. Vaker gifs erbij doen, zoals je al wel begreep van mijn vorige reactie! Ziet er heel tof uit :)

  3. Duly noted! Je zult ze zeker vaker langs zien komen, vind ze zelf ook erg leuk om te doen.

  4. Thanks girl! It's a really good tutorial, especially for pale people like us since it can be harder to pull off deep colours.

  5. Seeing these two looks right next to each other is a good reminder of how different shadow colors can make your eyes look different! It's sort of amazing.

  6. I love the addition of the gif!

  7. Ik ben erg benieuwd trouwens welke Engelse blog je allemaal leest :) Kun je daar misschien een keertje een post over maken?

  8. Oh ja kan wel! Ik vind ze vooral via Reddit op /r/makeupaddiction (echt een heel tof platform als je van make-up houd trouwens!) en de meesten zijn Amerikaans. Ik durf het bijna niet te zeggen, maar de meeste Engelse blogs vind ik niet uitgebreid genoeg en sla ik vaak over. Essiebutton vind ik wel heel leuk. De meeste Engelse bloggers hebben vaak ook Youtube, daar vind ik ze vaak veel beter in haha.

  9. Ja dat valt me ook op inderdaad. Echt alsof de standaard van engelse blogs heel laag is. Ze laten geen before en after zien geen swatches niks en dan maar 1 foto ):