Thursday, 22 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 21: Golden Accent


Today I felt like doing bold lips and neutral-ish eyes, but I couldn't help but spice it up with a bit of gold glitter! I've been using the same false lashes that I used yesterday as well, I still really like them! Which is a surprise because falsies have consistently been an absolute nighmare for me up to a week ago. 

Dark lips (Majestic by Sleek) can look very stern and make a pale person like me look even more pale, which is why I paired it with a healthy pink blush! The golden glitter in the inner corners helped with that as well, the glitter makes the lips look a little less overwhelming. 

I feel like this look comes across so much better in real life because of the shimmer and the extra femine touch that the false lashes give, so I added a GIF for you to give you a better view of what it looks like!

Product List


Kat Von D eyeliner (brown)
Red Cherry false lashes (Demi Whispies)
Catrice glitter (gold)
NYX Frou Frou mascara


LOOK Perk Me Up primer
Mememe liquid highlighter in Pearl Pink
Illamasqua cream blush in Promise
Essence Stay Matt! powder


Sleek Majestic


  1. Die gif maakt het nog mooier inderdaad. Staat je heel goed :)

  2. DAT GIF. Christ in the Crypts woman, you're so gorgeous. Love the look!

  3. THANK YOU!! Chuffed to bits that you like it, I know that traditionally dark lips are kind of out of seasons but eh, sod it. We can put on our faces what we want, when we want it! :p

  4. Ah lief joh, dankjewel!

  5. AMEN to that. In fact, I'm feeling uninspired, so I may bust out something totally out of season since cold times ARE my favorite season, and I don't give a toss what the temperature is here!

  6. In fact, I think I have some gold glitter lying around somewhere, I may recreate this or o n inspired-by if that's cool with you!

  7. I'd be honoured! Excited now what it'll look like on you! :D