Wednesday, 21 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 20: Teal Ombre

I've done a gradient winged eyeliner before and as they're always a bit of fun, I decided to do another one today! I also got some more false eyelashes practise in (starting to get the hang of it now!) but I kept the rest of the look very simple as I wanted the eyes to stand out.

For the eyes I used two eyeshadows, both from Shiro Cosmetics; Maiden Queen and Lingered in Twilight which I mixed together using Illamasqua's sealing gel so I was able to blend the two colours in the middle. My false lashes are from Red Cherry, and I have to say that they were remarkably easy to apply! This might have to do with me practising, but the lashes themselves are also just very good quality. 

The rest of the look is quite normal to my standards. Just a bit of concealer where I needed it and a natural-ish colour on the lips and cheeks. 

Product List


Illamasqua Sealing Gel
Shiro Cosmetics Maiden Queen (emerald/teal)
Shiro Cosmetics Lingered In Twilight (blackened teal)
Black Cherry false lashes (demi whispy)
NYX Frou Frou mascara


LOOK Perk Me Up primer
Sleek Rose Gold blusher
Essence Stay Matt! powder
Skinfood concealer


MAC Mystical (limited edition)


  1. Love this! The teal shadows look really nice with your hair color.

  2. Beautiful look! :)

  3. Thanks love! :D It was a bit more green and less blue in real life, but ah well. Still think it looked pretty cool!

  4. Thanks Becca! I really like that contrast too, and with a sealing gel it's not that hard to create a gradient line either. Time consuming though. :p