Monday, 19 May 2014

30 Days Of Make-Up Day 18: Up The Ante!


Today's look is a slightly pimped out version of one of my everyday make-up looks. Winged tips, warm coloured eyeshadow and neutral lips yes, but this time with subtle false lashes, a crisp cut-crease and a carefully placed contour to give it a bit more flair. 

I was glad for my most beloved natural lipstick ever (MAC Pattiserie) to make an appearance in this look, it is a lipstick I wear very often and it just goes extremely well with any warm-toned look I do. I tried making a very clean cut-crease this time by applying the darkerst colour with a flat brush and blending that outwards with a lighter colour. My eyeliner I did very carefully as I wanted the wings to be as sharp and clean as possible. 

I'm still trying to ease myself into using false lashes and I think I found a way that'll bridge the gap! For this look I'm using individual false lashes, so instead of having to manouvre a whole strip onto the roots I now only had to do a few individual hairs to make my natural lashes look a lot more impressive! I like that I can't feel them (unlike full falsies!) and that they still look quite natural too. 

Product List


Too Faced Romantic Eye palette (inner corners, lid)
NARS Albatross (inner corners, browbone)
MAC Cranberry (crease, lower lashline)
MAC Satin Taupe (crease)
Stila eye pencil in Damsel (lower lashline)
Black eyeliner (upper lid)
Benefit 'They're Real!' Mascara
Eyelure individual false lashes


NARS Albatross (highlight)
Too Faced Romantic Eye palette (taupe, as contour)
Skinfood concealer
Essence Stay Matt! powder
LOOK Perk Me Up! primer
Sleek blush in Rose Gold


MAC Pattiserie


  1. The individual lashes look a lot more natural! I guess that's the way to go...

  2. I like that I couldn't even feel them! This is usually my biggest gripe with false lashes, I can't get over the feeling of something weighing my lashes down. These are so light and easy to use, I definitely recommend them!