Friday, 28 February 2014

Review: Sleek Pout Paints Milkshake and Minx

I wrote a review about Sleek's Pout Paints before; the little liquid lipcolours that are very pigmented and you can either use on its own or mix with a different colour for new effects. I quite like the concept of mixing lipsticks like you would mix paint because it allows for a lot more variety even if they're not as easy to use as a regular lipstick in a bullet. This time I'm reviewing rosy nude (Minx) and a bright coral pink (Milkshake). Keep on reading if you want to know what I think!

The packaging of the Pout Paints is adequate enough. You are meant to squeeze the product out of the applicator, I like that it's made like that because it's a more hygenic option. The tubes are quite tiny but when compared to a regular sized lipstick they're not actually that tiny. I've noticed that you also only need a tiny drop every time, so one of these little tubes will last you quite a while!

Both Pout Paints are very opaque in just one application and have a glossy finish. When applied on the lips the Pout Paints do dry up a bit, but the glossy finish doesn't really go away unless you blot your lips after applying.

Both Pout Paints were easy enough to apply with a lip brush. I had no problem with patchyness or anything as they were vibrant and opaque almost right away.

Wearing 'Minx' on the left and 'Milkshake' on the right. Minx is also used on the cheeks in these photos.

These Pout Paints wear for a fair amount of time, but since they're quite creamy, don't expect them to last all through the day. They'll definitely need a touch-up after food! That said, the colours are absolutely gorgeous and the formula is very comfortable on the lips. I have very dry lips and can't handle any uncomfortable textures, but the Pout Paints feel almost hydrating and didn't dry my lips out any further and didn't make the dry patches on my lips show up either.

Final Verdict

Budget pricetag of £4.99
Not drying, very comfortable
Lots of product
Hygenic packaging
Easy to mix with other colours 
Useable as a cream blusher as well.

Needs a lip-brush to apply
Needs touch-ups during the day

I have to say, I really like the Pout Paints! They're cheap, wear comfortably and the colours are not only pretty, but you can mix them to create more colours too! The only thing that I don't like about it is that you absolutely need a lip brush to apply the product properly and also that the lasting power isn't as good as other lip products in my collection. You can buy the Pout Paints in Superdrug, but if you're not from the UK youy can also try your luck at their website (Sleek ships internationally) or buy from a trustworthy seller on Amazon or E-bay.


  1. ik heb milkshake ook! zo mooi :) je oogschaduw is btw gorgeous..

  2. Minx is prachtig. Ook als blush!

  3. I love the look of Milkshake and I can see me buying it in future. :D

  4. Jaaa ik blijf maar naar Minx grijpen haha, hele mooie kleur!

  5. Ooh die staat je vast heel mooi, en dankjewel! <3