Sunday, 5 January 2014

Tutorial: Neutral look for small lids

It was about time I did another tutorial! This one is for those amongst us with tiny eyelid space or hooded eyes. When you don't have a lot of space on your eyelid to put eyeshadow on, you sometimes have to become a little bit creative. This eyeshadow look is very suitable for everyday wear, will give the appearance of lifting the eyes and will utilize the space that you have to give the illusion of more depth and space.

I made this look entirely with the Naked palette from Urban Decay, but it's absolutely not necessary to have this eyeshadow palette to recreate the look. All you need is eyeshadow colours that are a bit similar, which shouldn't be too difficult since they're all nude shades.

First of all, prime your eyes with an eye primer! This will make the make-up last longer, prevent creasing of the eyeshadow and it will make the eyeshadow look more intense too.

Step 1: Shimmery nude 

With an eyeshadow brush, grab a shimmery nude that's just a bit lighter than the colour of your own skin and pat it all over the lid.

Step 2: Gold

With that same brush, grab a golden colour and pat it in the area shown in the diagram. I feel like this gives an almost rose-gold tinge to the look whilst still keeping it light and natural.

Step 3: Pinky Brown

With a smaller brush, use a darker colour - in our case, a brown with pink undertones - and carefully apply that in your crease. If you can't see your crease try to feel with your fingers where the eyeball ends and the browbone begins. Just under the brownbone is your crease.

Step 4: Blend!

Take your fluffy blendin brush and blend the areas shown above. Blend the colour towards the browbone with little jerky windshield motions and blend the colours together on the lid with gentle little swirling motions.

Step 5: Matte warm brown

I felt like the look needed a little bit more definition, so as a final step I used my tiny round brush and patted a little bit of a warm matte brown in the outer edges towards the crease for a little bit more depth.

All done!

I forgot to add this in the tutorial, but I also added a bit of the brown colour under the lower lashline.

And there you have it, a neutral look for people with little eyelid space! Super wearable and light, but still pretty and flattering. The shape of the eye look also means that it visually lifts the eye, so it makes them look a bit brighter and more awake too!

I hope this tutorial was useful, let me know if you try it out!


  1. Love this so much. After lurking on MUA and other blogs, I've tried a few things I liked, but didn't work for me at all. My hooded eyes make it difficult to see a lot of the dramatic shadow and I love that this look still gives the dramatics I like. Well done and thank you!

  2. Beautiful look, and such a useful post. I have small lid space, too! For a while I thought my eyelids were actually hooded.

  3. Thank you, it can be tricky to know when you have hooded eyes! I thought my eyes were hooded for a while, I think I just have little eyelid space now. Maybe they're a little bit hooded, but I don't know. :p

  4. Thank you so much! I'm very happy it's helpful to you. I always think hooded eyes are sultry and gorgeous, but they can be tricky to apply make-up to since most examples are done on either round or almond shaped eyes.

  5. Echt weer super handige how-to foto's!

    basic maar toch weer erg mooi! zoiets draag ik ook altijd wel naar m'n werk

    xx Tanja

  6. Stephanie Beavers20 January 2014 at 19:15

    This is gorgeous! Do you know if the naked basics palette has colors that would work for a look like this? It's about the only nuetrals I have.. but I would love to do this!

  7. I'm sure it would! Just use the lightest colour on the lid and a medium taupe or brown and it should still work. I bet the matte version will look awesomely sophisticated!