Thursday, 9 January 2014

Review + swatches & looks; MAC Satin Taupe and MAC Cranberry

Even before I really got into make-up I'd heard about MAC, especially about the quality of the eyeshadows and lipsticks. Nowadays, me and my MAC lipsticks are best buddies for life but I still hadn't tried any of their eye shadows yet. I know why, it's because I love eye shadow but I usually love them neatly presented in a palette for me to gawk at. There's too much choice involved in choosing just one eyeshadow to take home with you, so I put it off until I couldn't anymore.

You also get more value for money when you buy a palette if you ask me, even when you go higher end, and since I'm Dutch and everyone knows we hate parting with our precious pennies it made a lot of sense to go for the slightly more sensible option. 

There were a few MAC shades I've had my eyes on for the past few years, but none more so than Cranberry and Satin Taupe. So a while ago I finally bit the bullet and purchased the two of them for £12.50 each. Ouch. 

Maybe the price is the reason that when my beloved postman brought them to me they got quite heavily scrutinised by me. "You'd better be worth working half a day for..." I heard my tightfisted inner voice tut with pursed lips, my eyes narrowing as my fingers approached the newly purchased eye pretties for closer inspection.

Both swatches made with one swipe over the wrist. No primer was used. Photo made with flash.

The moment my fingers touched the eyeshadow I had forgotten all about the steep pricetag. I believe I swooned, yes my dear readers, swooned at the lovely pigmented trail that my eyeshadow-laden fingers left on my wrist. Absolutely beautiful. Satin Taupe is rich, almost creamy in texture and oh-so-soft to the touch. It goes on like a dream. It's a beautiful shade of taupe that has a high, almost silver shimmer. Cranberry has a slightly tougher texture but is still nicely pigmented and goes on smoothly. None of them suffer from any fallout. So far so good!

Cranberry Ingredients and Looks

Cranberry is an interesting colour. It's not quite a red and not quite a purple or pink. It's warm toned, but it plays well with warmer as well as cooler colours. It sure is a daring colour but since I love using reds anyway I'm sure I'll get good use out of it.

Here are Cranberry's ingredients. I really don't have a clue what any of it means but I thought I'd include it for anyone that does.

 For the top look I used Cranberry in the crease, under the eye and in the outer and inner corners, I combined it with a very warm toned colour which worked very nicely.

For the bottom look (which I unfortunately only have one photo of) I combined it with a cool pink which worked very nicely as well! See how Cranberry looks more purple when combined with cool tones and much warmer when combined with warm tones? I've never seen an eyeshadow cameleon like that before, very interesting!

Satin Taupe Ingredients and Look

Satin Taupe is a much more subtle colour, but not any less beautiful or interesting in my opinion. For this look I only used Satin Taupe, can you believe it? The eye shadow catches the light in such a way that it looks as if I blended three colours to create it. It gives depth and highlights in the right places and I feel like it looks so very flattering. It's the best 'slap it on and let's go!' eye shadow ever.

Final Verdict

Both Satin Taupe and Cranberry are eye shadows of very good quality with a lovely consistency that blend like a dream and that I will get a lot of use out of. The quality is on par with the Lorac Pro palette and Too Faced in my opinion, which makes it truly very good. Good enough to justify them being £12.50? Hmmm. Well let's say that I won't be running off to MAC to buy every eyeshadow colour that they have, but if there's another shade that would compliment my collection as well as these two I definitely can be convinced into buying another one or two.


  1. I love how Satin Taupe looks on you! :)

  2. Thank you! I am so pleasantly surprised with it too!

  3. cranberry is the only mac eyeshadow I own. You should try it over a black base, it's kind-of amazing.

  4. Oooh I definitely will then!

  5. The cranberry is very pretty. I'll have to stop by my local store and give it a swatch! Thanks for posting.