Monday, 30 December 2013

Tip: Different lipstick bases

You wouldn't guess that all three of these photos feature the same lipstick, but they do!

Do you remember my article about different eyeshadow bases? This got me thinking, what would happen if we use different bases for our lips? Can we change the colours in an equally dramatic way? As the photo above suggests, indeed you can!

The lipstick that I was going to experiment with is MAC's gorgeous Girl About Town. A fuschia-pink with cool undertones that looks good on nearly everybody. It's very bright, very opaque and very creamy with a lot of lasting power.

Girl About Town swatched on my lips without any lipliner

Girl About Town is interesting enough on its own, but what if you want it to be slightly warmer and you have a warm toned lipliner pencil to spare, what would that look like?

I picked a lipliner that was a raspberry colour, so a colour that was still pink, but almost red. It was a bit darker than Girl About Town and quite a bit warmer. The end result being that the lipstick turned a deeper, slightly warmer pink.

I also wanted to see what would happen if I combined it with another pink colour, but much lighter and cooler toned.

I combined Girl About Town with a very pale pink lipliner, resulting in a very cool toned candy coloured pink.

Don't forget that you can click on the image to make it bigger!

When you look at the full face shots, you can clearly see how different all of the lipcolours look, even though I used Girl About Town in every single one of them! This might be good for people who like their lipcolour but would like it slightly warmer or cooler since lipliners are often cheaper than buying another lipstick. It's also good to know that lip liners do influence the colour of your lipstick, so if you want the true colour of the lipstick to show you should probably either apply it without lip liner, or with a liner that's very close to the colour you're applying.

I'm not saying you should go purchase lots of lip liners in lots of different colours, but it's something to keep in mind for if you already have a few laying around or if you want to change the colour of your lipstick either subtly or dramatically.


  1. I love these posts about trying things over different bases. It really is a good point and can make a world of difference in how something looks! I've started using a clear lipliner with certain lipsticks, because as you said some lipliners can really affect how the lipstick looks.

  2. Great post! I love experimenting with different colored lip liners to totally change the look of lip colors. Girl About Town is such a gorgeous shade on you!


  3. met die licht roze lipliner is die ook heel pretty :D

  4. Jaa dat verraste me wel! Zeker omdat ik die lipliner niet zo mooi vond eigenlijk haha.

  5. Thank you! Gosh, I swear that I haven't seen Girl About Town look bad on anyone yet. It's such a lovely shade on nearly every skintone!

  6. Thanks! I've started to use clear lipliner too after I figured this out, people always told me that you don't need a lip liner in the same colour as the lipstick, but as it turns out a different lip liner does affect the end result, sometimes dramatically!