Monday, 2 December 2013

Quick Little Make-up Tips

When I was just starting to explore make-up as a hobby I blindly followed every advice others gave me. In time, I learned which tips were great and which were a bit useless. I also developed my own way of doing things and I've definitely learned a few tricks of the trade that I'd like to share with you. So let's talk about quick little make-up lifehacks to make your life easier!

Using Eye Primer On Other Places

We all know that a good eye primer helps eye make-up stay on longer and better, but did you know that it can also function as a sort of 'superprimer' for places on your face that tend to wear off first? Sure it wastes product, but it's nice to actually still have product on my nose at the end of the day. 

Also, if you colour in your brows it's a very good idea to work some eye primer through them before you fill them in. This will make your eyebrows stay on for much longer! They're less likely to smudge as well. 

Multifunctional Products

Sure, a product might be developed for the lips or for the eyes, but that doesn't mean you can't use them on other places! Lipsticks are usually very good cream blushes that have very nice staying power, so if you see one in a shade that you like as a blusher don't hesitate to put it on! Same goes for eyeshadow. I use eyeshadow all the time to substitute brow powder, or contour powder, or bronzer, or.. well you know what I mean. 

Order samples online 

You know when you want to try out a new product but you can only get it online and you haven't tried it before? Order a sample! Lots of websites like and let you order samples for a very cheap price so that you can try the product out and see if you like it. This is a lovely, budget-friendly way to try out lots of stuff.

Mix liquid highlighter 

For a beautiful subtle all-over glow, mix a bit of your liquid highlighter with your foundation! The effect will be luminous without you looking like a disco ball.

Gel eyeliner tricks

Gel eyeliners tend to dry out very quickly! There are ways to prevent that though. One of them is to store them upside down, the moisture will keep going to the top of the jar and keep your gel eyeliner nice and smooth.

If it dries out anyway, just put a few eyedrops in, stir and put it in the microwave for 20 seconds. Good as new.

Better performing kohl pencils

Are your kohl pencils not as smooth as you'd like them to be? No worries, just heat them up a bit with a blowdryer (not too hot! Just warm) and they'll glide on like nothing else. They'll stay on better too.

Also, if you're a bit bored with your lipstick and you have a few different lipstick liners lying around, try using different colours for different effects.

Turn every eyeshadow into eyeliner

There are a few sealing gels on the market, and what they do is amazing! With it, you can turn any eyeshadow into a waterproof, smudgeproof and easy to work with eyeliner. This means that you get a lot more options, and you don't have to spend money on eyeliners in funky colours anymore.

Concealer not enough for your dark circles? Use a pink base

My dark circles aren't too bad, but they're still bad enough where just concealer won't do the trick. I use a light pink corrective primer to pull the tiredness out of the undereyes and after that I just need a little bit of concealer. A salmon or pink corrector can do wonders for people with dark circles.

Using a base under your eyeshadow

I know that I only talked about it recently, but different bases can completely change how an eyeshadow performs! Keep in mind that creamy and sticky bases are the best, the more opaque the better.

And that's it for now! Do you have any awesome make-up lifehacks that you'd like to share?


  1. Handig deze lijst! Ik gebruik ook altijd een basis onder mijn wenkbrauwpotlood. Gegarandeerd een hele dag mooie wenkbrauwen!

  2. Great tips!!!


  3. Eye primer is such a lovely multifunctional tool isn't it? I have only had experience with the Illamasqua sealing gel, so I don't really know if I could recommend any others to you. The Illamasqua sealing gel has been great though, it makes them smudge and waterproof. It stays on all day!

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