Monday, 9 December 2013

Natural Makeup: Subtle Differences

Make-up can be a wonderful creative outlet that will enable you to transform yourself into a different character, you can change the way people will perceive you in an instant and it gives you the opportunity to change your outward appearance to reflect your inner self. It's a wondrous transformative tool that's a lot of fun to play around with, but let's face it.

Sometimes, you just want to look better. You just want to look like yourself, but with clearer skin, an awake appearance and more put together. A you 2.0 so to speak. A lot of people actually use make-up for this purpose, but it can be harder than it seems to master the 'Oh this? This is how I naturally look!' technique. Especially when you have the type of face that looks heavily made up quite quickly like I do.

This 'Natural Make-up Look' is something that I've been trying to perfect on myself, even though make-up is usually more an artistic expression for me than it is about actually making me look better, it's still a very nice and useful excersise to do. It's actually why I started wearing make-up in the first place. With my pale skin that showed dark circles very clearly, I was often asked if I were feeling poorly and to prevent getting asked that question time after time I started playing with make-up to make myself look more awake and healthier.

When you look at this photo, it doesn't look like I've done much to enhance my appearance and that's exactly what I want you to think. In fact, you'd never guess how large the difference is between this face and the face I was born with.

Left is before, Right is after
Now you can see that actually, a lot has changed! The key is to keep it light, don't use stuff you don't need. For example I have pretty clear skin, so instead of going for a foundation or BB-cream I go for a concealer instead and spot correct the places that need it. For me those are the area under my eyes, a few spots here and there and around the nose. If you happen to have freckles, don't cover them up! The appearance of freckles and birthmarks will make your make-up look much more natural.

Do apply a blusher, this will make your face look much more healthy and alive. The trick is to apply a little bit in the right colour. I use the same colour as my cheeks naturally go when I pinch them as a blusher colour.

For the lips, don't go for a nude lipstick if you're going for a natural look. They can look pretty with heavily made up eyes, but for stuff like this you want a lipstick that's similar to the colour of your lips. A gloss would be good as well.

As for the eyes, when you're fair haired or fair of skin like me, go for a brown mascara instead of a black one. This will look a lot softer and also a lot more natural. Keep the brows natural as well, don't go for a very sculpted brow but opt for lightly drawing it in. If you make your brows very clean with sharp arches and perfectly pointed ends you'll end up making them look too artificial. Which can be wonderful, but keep in mind that it does look unnatural.

Anyway, those were my tips and tricks. Do you have a special way of doing natural make-up? If so, don't hesitate to share them!


  1. Heel mooi en natuurlijk! :)

  2. Dankjewel! Ik draag daar MAC Pinch 'O Peach. Een hele mooie natuurlijk ogende blush! Helemaal niet peachy overigens zoals de naam wel doet vermoeden, maar ach. :p