Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Tutorial: Romantic Rose Gold

Time for another tutorial! This time I'm going to show you how to make this shimmering romantic look with deep purples, pink and gold colours. Rose gold, a pink that shift to gold when it hits the light, looks very pretty on most skintones and eye colours because it has cool as well as warm undertones. To make it a bit more suitable for the colder weather we're going to combine it with deep maroons and purples, I hope you like it!

Step 1: Prime your eyes

As always, start by priming your eyes with an eye primer. This will make the eyeshadow stay on a lot longer and it will make the colours appear more vibrant as well. Just put a bit of primer on your finger and smooth it out over your lid, don't worry about being precise because the primer is virtually transparant.

Step 2: Apply base colour

The main colour for this tutorial will be a beautiful rose gold, if you don't have an eyeshadow like this in your arsenal you could perhaps use a blush such as Sleek's Rose Gold or NARS Orgasm but you could also layer a light golden eyeshadow over a pink one. Load up a flat eyeshadow brush with the colour of choice and slowly and gently pat it on your lids. Pat, don't swipe! Patting releases a lot more product and negates fallout as well. Don't worry about blending yet, we'll get to that later.

Step 3: Deep Maroon

With the same brush you used in the previous step (we're working from light to dark so it's okay to use the same brush) take a deep maroon or warm purple and apply it like in the area shown above. Remember, pat, don't swipe! 

Step 4: Blend!

Take a clean blending brush of your choice and gently swirl it like in the diagram shown above. Use short circular motions for overlapping colours and bigger windshield motions for the bigger area. Don't press too hard, let the brush do the work.

 Step 5: Dark Purple

Take your flat eyeshadow brush again and load it up with a dark purple eyeshadow. Apply it under the lower lashline and in the area shown in the diagram above. Remember to tap the excess eyeshadow off on your hand first! This negates fallout.

Step 6: Blend!

This is the last step, you're almost done! Take your blending brush again and very carefully blend the area shown above in the diagram. If you feel like you're losing too much colour, go back a step and reapply the purple eyeshadow, then blend again until you're happy. 

Close-up Eyes

Now that you're all done with the eyeshadow you can tightline your eyes or use eyeliner! Also don't forget to curl your lashes and apply your favourite mascara. I chose to keep the look soft so I went for a dark brown winged eyeliner and brown mascara.

After finishing the eyeshadow I also used a white kohl pencil in my waterline to give my eyes a bigger and brighter look. I used the highlighter that I applied on my cheekbones and dabbed a sneaky bit of it in the inner corners of my eyes as well for a brightening effect.


And that's it, all done! I hope this tutorial was as fun for you to follow as it was for me to make! Do tell me if you decide to recreate the look, I'd be very happy to see it. Have fun! 


  1. the blending part is great. you are beautiful :):)

  2. Such a beautiful look - I will definitely be trying this!
    I do have the Sleek Rose Gold, but I wondered what the eye shadows you actually used were - both the rose gold and the maroon.

  3. Thank you! I used the Pink Gold Barry M pigment that I pressed myself and the maroon colour was Heart Attack by Shiro.

  4. Jij bent zo mooi! Superleuk artikel, mooie duidelijke foto's ook! X

  5. Heel erg mooi en duidelijk!!