Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Review: Sleek Blush by 3 in Pumpkin

Sleek doesn't only make great eyeshadow palettes and wonderful lipsticks, the brand is also very well known for their insanely pigmented blushes! The Rose Gold blush that I own already proved that, so later I decided to purchase this blush palette as well. The Blush by 3 palettes come in many options, I decided to go for the Pumpkin one because it had the most interesting, insanely vibrant colours in it that I wanted to try.

I had no idea if they would be flattering or not, I just thought it would be cool to have a bright orange or pink blush for when I wanted to do an outrageous look or something.

I like Sleek's packaging, it doesn't feel cheap even though it is and it's not bulky in the slightest. The box is quite sturdy and the lid doesn't flap open but stays open at the angle you want it, which is wonderful. The blushes are full sized and the palette also features a nice mirror.


The palette features three colours. Lantern, Squash and Pumpkin Pie. I like how different they all are. Lantern is the only one with shimmers, Squash is a super bright satin pink and Pumpkin Pie is an equally bright matte orange.


Swatched on my arm they look very impressive. Keep in mind that these are blushers, it's unlikely to find one as pigmented as eyeshadow so to see this kind of pigmentation is fantastic.. This was done in just one stroke over my wrist.

This kind of pigmentation also means that this blush will have no problems showing up on any skintones. Ladies and gentlemen with deeper skintones will definitely not be disappointed.

Fullface Swatches

I didn't really know what I expected from Pumpkin Pie but I certainly did not expect it to look so flattering! I thought the orange would look much more crazy than this, but if I'm honest I must say that I quite like the nice orange glow it gives.

You do need a VERY light hand applying this though, I recommend a stippling brush. This blush is very pigmented.

Squash is a sweet and pretty pink. Perhaps a bit too cool toned for me but it still works. Again, this blusher is super pigmented so a light hand is adviced. I had no problems blending it out even though it's so bright and pigmented.

I was a bit scared of Lantern at first, it just seemed a bit too dark for me. I take that back now, you need to be careful with it because of the insane pigmentation but Lantern is actually a very nice blush for if you want that 'flushed' colour.

Final Verdict

The Sleek Blush by 3 is an absolutely wonderful product. For £10 you get three full sized blushes that are all very different but still very useable. Even the ones that look daunting are actually quite flattering once you've applied them.

The pigmentation is amazing, this means that you have to be a bit more careful applying it but it also means that the blusher will show up fabulously on any skincolour. I know that people with deeper skintones often have problems finding a good blusher, so this could be wonderful for you. They're pigmented enough where I could use them as an eyeshadow if I wanted to.

What I've also noticed is that all of these colours stay on for a very long time. I'm used to blusher wearing off during the day, but these stay put for a very long time. This is coming from someone who leans on her hands and touches her face all the time, so that's saying something.


  1. Pumpkin Pie looks really nice on you! It looks so... orange in the pan, I wouldn't have expected that.

  2. Pumpkin Pie is surprisingly flattering! All of these colours look beautiful on you. I used to own Rose Gold but didn't wear it enough so ended up selling it. I do own Mirrored Pink though which is probably my favourite of all my blushers!

  3. ik vind Squash voor mijzelf denk ik het mooist :D maar bij jou staat weer alles mooi.. oneerlijk ;_;

  4. Oooh ja Squash is zo'n lieve roze voor jou! Haha nou ik dacht niet dat die andere twee me gingen staan hoor, vooral die oranje niet. Fijne verassing!

  5. Thank you! Aw too bad Rose Gold wasn't for you. I don't catch myself wearing it that often either but I use it as an eyeshadow enough to justify the purchase. :p

  6. Thank you! It does look scary in the pan doesn't it? I never thought that would look the way it did on my skin. It certainly inspires me to try more weird colours out for blushes!

  7. I think this is my fav blush by 3 palette! Sleek blushes are always so perfect. I own the face form palette by them as well. :)

    Sandy xx