Sunday, 10 November 2013

Review: Barry M Dazzle Dust in Gold Iridescent and Pink Gold

Barry M is a UK based make-up brand most famous for its wonderful assortment of budget-friendly nailpolishes, but the brand also offers other items that are more than worth your time! Take the Dazzle Dusts for instance, little pots of loose pigments in all sorts of colours that are sold for only £4.50 per pot.

Loose pigments don't often make an appearance in drugstore brands, and because I was hypnotised by all the pretty glitter I took two of them home with me. A little white pot with lots of yellow-golden glitters called Gold Iridescent and a pink version aptly called Pink Gold.

The pots are made out of glass and are very sturdy. I have dropped them, stood on them and have been my usual clumsy self around them for months and they have held up very well. Although the pots are truly very tiny (I can just about fit the top of my thumb in there) there's enough loose pigment in it to keep you going for ages. I have used these pigments loads and have also mixed them in with others and pressed them but there's still a lot of product left.


I apologise that the image is out of focus, but the glitters show up better when the shot is slightly blurry.

Swatches are applied dry, without a primer and in just one application.

You can see why I kept looking at my wrist like a parakeet, whispering 'ooooh, pretty' every few minutes or so whilst turning my wrist in the light. These swatches were done with just one application, and while Pink Gold (on the left) is much more pigmented than Gold Iridescent, both of them are lovely in their own way. Gold Iridescent (on the right) contains a lot of chunky glitter that is about as subtle as a sledgehammer, but is very pretty for inner corner highlights and glittery 'I'm going clubbing all night' looks.

Pink Gold is a stunning peachy pink eyeshadow with a golden duochrome that shifts in the light and although it is very shimmery, I'd still deem it appropriate for daytime looks.

These pigments are not only suitable as an eyeshadow, they can also be mixed with lipgloss for a sheen on the lips or even used as a highlighter or blush! On their own they would be too shimmery, but I can imagine that a sneaky bit of  Pink Gold would look lovely combined with a peachy toned blush. You could also combine them with nailpolish for a shimmery accent, loose pigment allows for a lot of creativity.

To show you how it looks on the eye I made a quick eye look. Except for the darker brown colour, I only used the two Dazzle Dust pigments. I used Gold Iridescent in the inner corners and in the middle of the eye (above the iris) for some extra glitter and I applied Pink Gold all over the lid. I used a darker brown in the outer corners and lower lashline for some definition.

You don't really need glitter glue for the Dazzle Dusts to stay put, but a sticky base or a primer does help them stay on a lot longer and better.

Loose pigments can be very messy, and the Dazzle Dusts are no exception for that rule. There are however a few ways to negate any mess. You can press them or you could mix them with something! If you're interested in pressing loose pigments click for my article on that here, and if you are interested in a way to work with pigments without making a mess you can click here. 

Final Verdict

Both Pink Gold and Gold Iridescent are amazing value for money since they're only £4.60 a pop. There's enough product in the pots to last you ages and the quality of these two is really good. 

Gold Iridescent is great for people who want a lot of glitter and glam as it's great for an inner corner highlight or all over the lid for wonderfully outrageous looks, Pink Gold is just allround wonderful. It's shimmery without chunky glitters and the colour shift from pink to gold is breathtakingly gorgeous.

The only thing that I can imagine as an incentive to not get it is that loose pigments are messy buggers to work with, but there's a multitude of ways to get around that such as pressing or using a homemade mixing medium. 

Barry M Dazzle Dusts can be purchased in any Boots or Superdrug in the UK, but if you're from the Netherlands you can try your luck at webshops like,  if you're from anywhere else you could give Ebay or Amazon a go since I'm not sure if there are any international webshops that carry the Dazzle Dusts. 


  1. ik houuu van pigments <3 ik heb niet zoveel met roze-achtige maar de witte vind ik mooi <3

  2. Ik vind pink gold echt heel mooi! Ik heb de laatste tijd echt iets met dat soort kleurtjes.

  3. Jaa ik ook! Het staat ook zo veel mensen mooi vind ik.

  4. I Love these 2!! I want them!!

    xx Tanja