Monday, 25 November 2013

Look: Sharp edges

My forte lies with colours. I'm good with them, I know how to combine them and make them work. I'm not so good with other artistically related things, such as shapes. Having a feel for creating interesting and flattering shapes is pretty important in art, but also in make-up. So instead of relying on colour to make it work, I tried to do something a bit more daring with the shape of my eye make-up.

Instead of feathering out the eyeshadow in the outer corners, I concentrated on making a very neat triangular shape which I then blended in with the rest of the colours. I wanted to make a very subtle gradient, but it was a lot trickier than I thought and the whole thing ended up quite dark.

By applying my eye make-up in such a shape changed the way my face looked quite a bit. Instead of focusing on making my eyes look larger, the elongated shape made them look wider instead. I quite like the look of it actually, it has a quirkiness to it that's still wearable.

I made this look by layering my favourite rose gold eyeshadow all over the lid and then making a dark triangular shape with an angled brush and a much darker eyeshadow. I then blowly blended that out towards the rose gold colour by going lighter and lighter. In retrospect I feel like I should have made the transition less gradual so that the gradient would have been more apparant, but this looks pretty nifty too.

Because the look is so very sparkly and quite dramatic I feel like this is definitely a look I could wear when I'm out for drinks and dancing.

I definitely need more practise doing eye make-up in different shapes, but this was a good place to start! Maybe next time I'll use a business card or some tape for really sharp edges, although it's a lot of fun trying to do it freehand as well.

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  1. I'm actually using a rose gold eyeshadow (I had to make the pictures with flash so the colours can turn out a bit different sometimes) and it's actually a Barry M dazzle dust that I pressed myself. There's a Zoeva pigment quite like it, and there's a MAC eyeshadow called Expensive PInk that's supposedly a lot like it as well! Hope that helps. =)