Thursday, 7 November 2013

Look: Punkyfish

When I visited London recently I also went to Camden, and close to the metro station is a store called Punkyfish that sells all sorts of cool alternative clothes that would have made me squeel in glee when I was a teenager. When I was seventeen my favourite colour combination was magenta and black for everything, my daily look was black on my waterline, I listened to obscure Japanese punkrock (which is actually still pretty tame) and I constantly made my father grumpily question why I wanted to pay for jeans that were 'already destroyed anyway, there's holes in it!'. Poor dad, he didn't get it.

As I was rummaging through things that made me feel wonderfully nostalgic I thought about how I had changed. It's not that I don't like the alternative stuff anymore, it's just that it was my way of trying to figure out to which demographic I belonged. Now that I'm older I've shaken off the feeling of wanting to belong to a certain target group and as I was walking around in Punkyfish I smiled at how funny it is that while I do feel comfortable with the more punkish styles and I appreciate the look on other people, it's just not my thing anymore. It's interesting to see how you can outgrow things.

So, as an ode to the seventeen year old me I thought I'd do a punky eyeshadow look that I would have absolutely adored at that age and still think is pretty cool now. I hope you like it!

On my eyes I used a multitude of colours, a shimmering magenta all over the lid, a more reddish purple patted over that and a shimmery plummy colour in the outer corners. I applied a black eyeshadow in the outer corners and blended that out towards the crease, I also applied a sneaky bit of black in the lower lashline as well as the rusty purple.

I decided against false lashes as this would make the look more glamorous and I wanted to keep the effortless vibe that alternative looks have. It was a bit tricky not being as precise as I usually am, but it was fun as well.

I had drawn my eyebrows in a bit heavier than I usually do, this was to make the look a bit more fierce. I don't think I can ever look tough as nails, but I do think the heavier eyebrows work with this look.

Did you change a lot as you got older too? I'm definitely not the same person that I was seven years ago, but at the same time I haven't changed all that much. I'm still the geeky weirdo that prefers reading fantasy literature over watching chickflicks, playing games over clubbing and the quiet countryside over big loud cities. Some things never change!


  1. Looks cute on you! I used to be a massive Goth and while I've retained the piercings, I adore bright colours now and of course fruit-themed things ;) I used to love Punkyfish too :D x

  2. I love your brows :)

    And I was really into the whole emo/scene look when I was younger. I remember having intentional raccoon eyes and one of those really short choppy haircuts. Glad to say I grew my hair out and only line the top lid now.

  3. love love love

  4. Thank you! I imagine you suited Goth really well. I wanted to be a Goth so bad, but I couldn't afford the fancy clothes! Haha. I still love it when people look different though, self expression is an amazing thing. I've turned more into a part 50's style dresses, part lazy hippie layers kind of gal. It's not exactly stylish I don't think, but it is very comfortable! :p

  5. Oh yes the raccoon eyes! I remember those well. I wanted one of those choppy haircuts but I settled for hot pink strands of hair instead! I don't think my hairdresser understood what emo meant. :p

  6. mooi! het viel me gelijk op dat je wenkbrauwen anders waren ^^ en mijn vader zei altijd precies hetzelfde over broeken met gaten lol

  7. Heel mooi! Die magenta kleur is echt heel mooi. Ik ben ook wel heel erg veranderd door de jaren, net als jij dat je vroeger ergens bij wilde horen maar dat je nu gewoon jezelf ben en dat bevalt me echt een stuk beter haha! De ene dag draag ik een zware donkere oog make-up waarbij ik vroeger bang was dat ze me een gothic zouden noemen en de andere dag draag ik een super glowy Victoria's Secret look haha, maar net waar ik zin in heb en het maakt me niet meer zoveel uit wat anderen daarvan vinden.