Sunday, 17 November 2013

Look: Grunge Chique

Grey on the eyes and purple on the lips isn't something I would usually do. I'm much more of an autumnal colours kind of gal. Red, gold, chestnut and even orange and yellow are usually the colours I gravitate towards. This is because I feel that warm colours suit me a bit better, so it was about time I tried something different for a change.

I decided to go for a taupe wash all over the eyelid and patted some matte grey eyeshadow over it. In the outer corners I added a tiny bit of black eyeshadow to create more depth. All of the eyeshadow is matte, but because this photo was taken with flash it means that it'll look a bit shimmery.

On the lips I used a beautiful matte purple lipstick that came in the Lip 4 Mardi Gras palette by Sleek, but I used a berry toned lipliner underneath it to give it some warmth. On the cheeks I applied a sweet pink blush, I wanted to keep the look soft and not make it too overdone which is hard to do with deep purple lips and dark eye make-up, but I feel like I did ok.

I lined the inner rim with a nude eyeliner and used a matte white eyeshadow on the browbone and in the inner corners of the eye. I finished the look with a generous amount of black mascara.

So there you have it, my 'Grunge Chique'  look. I do like it, it somehow still feels quite classy regardless of the bold colour choices. It's not something I'd go for every day and it's not the most flattering look I've ever done, but it is interesting. And in my opinion, interesting is the absolute best way to look.

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  1. gothic ahoy :D

    pretty look but :):)