Saturday, 30 November 2013

Lipstick Mix: Wet 'n Wild Think Pink, NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul, MAC Pattisserie

For the Lipstick Mix articles I always try to find a few lipsticks that are a bit alike but in different price catagories so that it's interesting for everyone. Of course it doesn't always work out that way (my lipstick stash isn't that excessive) but I do try. This time we have three 'My lips but better' lipsticks. MLBB lipcolours are lipcolours that are not neutral but are still very accessible for daytime wear because they resemble natural lipcolours a lot.

On the left we have a Wet 'n Wild lipstick. It's a Megalast Matte lipcolour called 'Think Pink' and is indeed a soft dusty pink. Think Pink only costs $2.99 per tube, which makes it very budget friendly.

In the middle is a NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream in Istanbul, another matte soft pink colour. You can get it for £5.50 at NYX's online store.

MAC Pattisserie is on the right and is a brownish pink with a Lustre finish, which means that it's very creamy and nourishing. You can get it for £15 at any MAC store or any store that sells MAC.

Swatched on the arm it's instantly noticeable that Pattisserie is much more sheer than the other two, who are quite similar in both colour, opacity and finish. Istanbul is a tad warmer than Think Pink, but they could almost be dupes.

Wet 'n Wild Megalast Matte lipstick in Think Pink Minireview

For a $3. lipstick, Think Pink is very impressive. It's beautifully matte without drying out the lips too much and has pretty impressive staying power. The colour is also very flattering, being neither very cool or warm toned. However, the lipstick tends to cling to any dry patches which can get very annoying. Also if you have dry lips it can refuse to stick to the inner part of the lips, thus not coating the lips properly. This is a little bit annoying sometimes, but overall I'm still happy with the lipstick because of the lasting power, the price and the creaminess.

NYX Soft Matte Lip Cream Minireview

I had heard good things about the Soft Matte Lip Creams, and boy, it didn't disappoint! Matte lipcreams have a tendency to dry out too much and feeling sandy on the lips. NYX's lip creams feel like a soft buttery mousse at first and then dry up to a matte finish that you can hardly even feel. It's absolutely wonderful! Once it's dried, not much product comes off, even when you rub or kiss. Don't be too vigorous with it, but it can certainly withstand having a night out with drinks and (non greasy) food. This is a truly wonderful product.

MAC Pattisserie Minireview

MAC Pattisserie has been my go-to everyday lipstick for over a year, I'm getting quite close to finishing it! It's a wonderful lipcolour, when swatched on the wrist it doesn't look too impressive and quite brown, but on the lips it transforms into a beautiful colour that really does look like my natural lipcolour, only better. The Lustre formula is also nourishing for my lips, the only downside about this lipstick is that the staying power isn't amazing, but it wears off in a way that doesn't make that annoying. It simply gently disappears after a while, leaving no strange marks or a ring around your lips. Reapplying it is easy too, the colour is very forgiving. I definitely recommend Pattisserie to anyone that wants a very nice everyday lipstick that you can wear with anything.

All these lipsticks are pretty good options if you want a nice, easy to wear colour. Think Pink is very pigmented and the staying power is good, but keep in mind that it tends to cling to dry patches. It's also really cheap, so great for those of us that need to mind our budget. Istanbul is a very pretty lip cream that has amazing staying power, feels nice on the lips and is very affordable too. Pattisserie doesn't have the staying power that the other two do, but it does look very natural and it goes with anything. I have worn Pattisserie so much in the past year that I'm coming close to finishing the tube, so that's saying something.


  1. ik vind Istanbal het mooist! ik heb een lip cream maar die is fel rood dus niet echt voor elke dag haha

  2. Ik vind ze je alle drie erg goed staan! Fijne mini reviews :)

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  4. Dankjewel! :D

  5. Haha ooh welke heb je, Amsterdam? Istanbul is mijn eerste en ik ben er helemaal verliefd op, maar Essence heeft geloof ik ook een matte lip cream in Soft Rose die er bijna hetzelfde uit ziet!

  6. they look very similar but i liked the nyx one the most <3