Saturday, 12 October 2013

Tutorial: Updated Eyebrow Routine

A few months ago I shared my eyebrow routine with you and in time I developed a different way of doing it that is much more efficient and also a lot quicker!

For the ones that don't remember, this is what my natural eyebrows look like! It was very tricky to learn how to draw these in without them looking too fake or drawn on, and I know that a lot of people with sparse or light brows have the same problem.

People sometimes forget how much impact brows have on a face. They convey a lot of emotion, by looking at brows you can easily tell when someone is angry, sad or happy. They also frame the eyes and are such an important focal point, so messing them up is something that can change the way you look completely. When I don't draw them in, the look feels unfinished so it's definitely worth the effort.

Before we start the tutorial, please not that the colours I choose to fill in my brows with are suitable for my haircolour, so you might have to adjust them to yours. Ladies with light hair can go a few shades darker, the ones with medium locks either a few shades darker or a few shades lighter and the ones with dark hair can go a few shades lighter or just as dark. I personally like to do a gradient brow for my medium toned hair, and I like to use warm brown colours to match the red hair I currently have.

Unless you have red hair, it's best to not go for warm colours. They will likely be far too orange for you! Instead, try and use ashy colours. Colours that lean more towards grey or cool browns often are a lot better suited.

Golden ratio

This diagram shows how you're 'supposed' to shape your brows. It's not complete nonsense (this technique works well for a lot of people) but it's not a hard rule and it will definitely not work on everyone because every face is different. I personally don't want my brows like the diagram wants me to do them, so I just do whatever I think looks right instead. 

You should do this too! Don't let people tell you how you're *supposed* to do make-up, not even me! Make-up is an art form that you have to adapt to every face, so if you feel like you could benefit from this tutorial if you did it differently, then please do so! Experimenting is the best way to figure out what looks right, what everyone else says are just guidelines to help you on your way. 

Step 1: Prime

Since there's going to be quite some product in your eyebrows that you want to last all day, prime your brows so that the staying power is much better! Prime them with an eye primer, just get some on your finger and massage it gently into your brows.

Step 2: Outline

With an eyebrow pencil that's a bit lighter than you actually want your eyebrows to become, gently line out the shape of your brow. Comb your brows first if you need to. I like to follow the natural shape of my brows a bit but make the end tips a lot longer and sharper. Also, don't worry if your brows don't look exactly the same. Brows are supposed to be sisters, not twins! Make them resemble eachother, but don't worry about replicating them to an exact level.

The higher your arch, the more likely you are going to look perpetually angry (think Disney Villain). Angry brows are actually in style right now and if you like it go for it, but I personally don't really like it so I go for a minimal arch.

Very important: Leave the beginning of the brows open! We don't want it to look harsh or unnatural, and if you draw that bit in it tends to look a lot harsher.

Step 3: Darkest Colour

Take your darkest colour with an angled brush, and fill in your brows from the ends til the middle. Go with the brow hairs, not against it. Make sure the highest point of the brow is the most saturated and move to the middle  when there's less product on the brush so that the colour will be a bit lighter. You'll naturally create a gradient this way.

Step 4: Lightest Colour

Now take a much lighter colour from that same family (but darker than your skintone) and go from the middle of the brow to the beginning. Just like in the previous step, make sure there's less product on the angled brush when you reach the beginning so that you make a soft transition.

Step 5: Set it

To make sure your eyebrows stay on, you  need to set it! You can do this with a browgel, but I personally prefer to spray some plain old hairspray on a spoolie and carefully run that through my brows. 

And that's how I fool people into thinking I have eyebrows!

I hope this mini tutorial was helpful! Brows are hard, but it's such a satisfying feeling when you get them to look just right. 


  1. Ik heb zelf donkere wenkbrauwen, maar denk dat veel meiden met hele lichte wenkbrauwen hier iets aan zullen hebben! Goede uitleg!

  2. hey.. thats a good attempt :)
    i do the same but with the black shade pencil and eye brow cake :D

  3. Dankjewel! En ooh mazzelaar, donkere wenkbrauwen zijn zo mooi. <3

  4. What eyeshadow are you using???

  5. I'm wearing two or three different looks in this picture, which one do you mean? :p