Saturday, 5 October 2013

Tutorial: Autumnal Cut Crease

If you think that you've seen this look before, that's correct! Recently someone asked me if I could make a tutorial of this eye look that featured in my other tutorial about how to create gradient lips (that you can read here) and I was more than happy to comply. I love wearing this look, especially now that it's Autumn and we can all use a bit more warmth in our lives.

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes

Prime your eyes with an eye primer so that your eye make-up won't crease or fade as easily, most primers also make the colours more intense and easier to blend! I like to use Urban Decay's Primer Potion or plain old Glycerine.

Step 2: Base Colour

Apply a light shimmery colour all over the lid and in the inner corners. I wanted a colour that wasn't too warm or too cool, so I applied a silvery cream pigment first and then put a golden champagne powder eyeshadow on top. 

Step 3: Cut The Crease

With a creamy kohl pencil in a dark brown colour, very gently draw a line where you want the cut crease to begin. My eyes are a bit hooded, so I went slightly above my natural crease to create the illusion of bigger eyes. If you don't know where to place it, gently feel with your fingers where your browbone begins and the eye socket ends. You want to place the line just in that hollow of the socket. 

Be very gentle, the reason we're using a creamy pencil is because we don't want it to tug on your skin. Tugging causes mistakes. Also make sure that you taper the line, the outer corner should be thicker than the inner. 

Step 4: Apply Brick Colour

With a tiny dense round brush (or a regular tiny eyeshadow brush) grab a brick coloured eyeshadow and carefully apply it like in the diagram shown above. It's important that you also blend the brown pencil colour out with it, but only blend upwards and sidewards, not downwards! Don't press too hard either, just be patient and let the brush do the work.

Step 5: Blend!

With your fluffy blending brush, grab a matte warm taupe and swipe it in windshield motions over the area shown in the diagram. As always, be gentle! If you press too hard there's a good chance that you'll end up overblending it. Just gently keep on going until the edges look soft. 

Step 6: Liner

With the same brown pencil we used before, line your eyes under the lower lashes and smudge it out so that it doesn't look too harsh. A winged eyeliner will look very nice with this look, but because I don't have much eyelid space I chose to tightline my eyes instead. If you don't know what tightlining is exactly, here's a tutorial for you! 

All done!

I also added a sneaky bit of highlighter in the inner corners. Also don't forget to put on your favourite mascara or false lashes!

To make it wearable for during the day, I love combining this eye look with a soft lip colour but when I want to make a statement I often choose to go for gradient lips or just red lips in general! Just go easy on the blusher when you go for the latter one and it won't be too overpowering. 

I hope you enjoyed this little tutorial, do let me know if you tried it out! I love hearing whether it worked for you or not. 


  1. Hele mooie look (en goede uitleg weer)! Ik vind het met de rode lippenstift alleen wat too much allemaal!

  2. Dankjewel! Haha ja ik vind de rode lippen zelf ook too much, zeker voor overdag. Maar met los haar en 's avonds houd ik soms wel van een beetje overdreven. :p

  3. Your tutorials are so clear that I may actually get up the nerve to try this. I'm not that great with eyeshadow, but your instructions make it look doable. Thanks!

  4. gorgeous als altijd.. wat staat jou niet? ;)

  5. Wonderful! Thank you so much, I do hope you try it out. The first times I did stuff with eyeshadow it didn't go very well either haha. Practise helps a lot!

  6. Aw dankjewel! Haha met make-up durf ik veel dingen wel, maar kleren is bijvoorbeeld alweer een heel ander verhaal!

  7. What a detailed tutorial! Love this! :)

  8. Oh, this is beautiful. I're beautiful:) Can you please list all the things you use in your makeup looks?