Saturday, 26 October 2013

Review: Illamasqua Sealing Gel

Eyeliner is pretty cool on its own, but it gets tricky once you want to use a different colour than black or brown since then you have to scour the stores for the one brand that sells the exact colour you want.

'Man, I wish I could just turn my eyeshadows into eyeliners. That would be pretty sweet.' I thought one fateful morning as I looked upon my ever growing collection of eyeshadow pigments. Turns out, you can!

Illamasqua sells a little vial of gel that enables you to turn any pigment (preferably their own, but it works on any eyeshadow. Shhh you never heard this!) into a smudge proof, water resistant long wearing eyeliner.

Sounds pretty promising doesn't it? Let's see if this little thing is as wondrous as it makes it out to be.

I purchased the Illamasqua Sealing Gel for £7, which is fairly cheap considering that Illamasqua is a mid-end brand. That said, with the size of the vial it would have been cruel to ask more! The bottle is about half the size of my thumb and not much wider. However, you do only need a drop of liquid every time so it's not like you'll run out that quickly.

I also think the packaging is pretty cute. I like the little logo that clearly illustrates that this is an Illamasqua product and I feel like the packaging will stay air tight until I open it again. Very nice.

How It Works

Since it's hard to show how the sealing gel works on photos, I decided to make a little video instead. The product is fairly simple to use. You simply squeeze a drop into one of your eyeshadows and you mix it with the brush that you'll use for application.

What's nice is that I didn't notice the sealing gel change the texture of my eyeshadow afterwards in any way. It's like I never mixed it with anything which is lovely. Even when you use water to apply an eyeshadow wet it can affect the texture of the eyeshadow, but this sealing gel doesn't seem to do that.

Rubbing Test

After it dried I also did a little pat and rub test to see how smudge proof it would be. After quite vigorous rubbing the colour still transfers a little bit, but the amount it transfers is very comparable to a good eyeliner.

Illamasqua Sealing Gel: Just Applied

The sealing gel gives you so much freedom that I was truly amazed. Making a gradient like this was very easy. I just mixed the sealing gel with a loose golden pigment first, adding a little bit of the darker colour every time I wanted a bit more definition. Applying it went very smoothly, although I do recommend a good brush for this. A gel liner brush would be ideal as the consistency will be very similar.

I didn't apply a primer or another eyeshadow since I wanted to see how the eyeliner would hold up.

Illamasqua Sealing Gel: After 10 Hours of Wear

I'm impressed! The eyeliner held up very well. Considering that I had rubbed my eyes because of allergies, cried from cutting onions and had just gone about my day without really thinking about it. There is some wear and tear in the outer corners and a little bit of glitter in the crease but I'm very happy with it overall. 

Final Verdict

The Illamasqua Sealing Gel is amazing! It truly enables you to turn any eyeshadow or loose pigment into a very well functioning eyeliner. It's not too expensive at £7. although the bottle truly is very tiny you only need a drop of it every time. If I had to give it a score it would be full marks, 10/10, I will repurchase this the moment I run out.


  1. Omdat het nog te vroeg is voor Engels even in het Nederlands hoor: als je de sealing gel helemaal over het bewegend ooglid gebruikt (om bijvoorbeeld de kleur van je oogschaduw meer intens te maken) blijft dat dan net zo mooi zitten als een eyeliner streep of gaat dat in de crease zitten? Ik zie mogelijkheden om dit tijdens het uitgaan te dragen en er na afloop niet panda-like uit te komen.

  2. Geeft helemaal niks hoor! Ik vind het juist wel leuk dat ik zowel Engelse als Nederlandse comments krijg haha. Ik heb voor je geprobeerd om de gel als basis te gebruiken, maar ik raad het niet aan. Wanneer de gel mengt met de oogschaduw zorgt het ervoor dat het mengsel een hele andere structuur krijgt, net als gewone gel eyeliner. Het is mogelijk om het op je hele oog aan te brengen maar omdat het zo snel opdroogt en een beetje hard wordt is blenden bijna onmogelijk. Ook had ik dat na een tijdje de oogschaduw ging barsten, dus ik denk dat het 't beste is om deze gel puur als eyeliner te gebruiken.

    Als je trouwens een goede oogschaduw basis zoekt heb ik wel een aanrader voor je! Dit meisje heeft heel veel primers bij elkaar getest en wellicht zit er iets tussen wat ideaal voor jou is.

    Ook zou je Glycerine kunnen proberen, daar heb ik zelf goede ervaringen mee gehad en ik heb er zelfs een artikel over geschreven waarin ik het testte tegen de Urban Decay primer:

    Hopelijk helpt dit je op weg. :D

  3. Bedankt voor je zeer uitgebreide antwoord en ik ga wat dingen uitproberen.

  4. Great review! I love the look of this and have just ordered one along with an order from the sale! Lov the blog, just found you :) I also have a new-ish blog with diys and reviews mainly but would love to post some of my looks up soon!