Wednesday, 16 October 2013

My Hairvolution

I don't know if you guys are up for this at all, but I personally love seeing the hairstyles my friends used to have, so I decided to make a post of my own hair evolution! As most people, I have made some atrocious mistakes with it, my biggest one is deciding to go and cut it myself without knowing anything about how to style and cut hair.

I also get asked often if the red colour I have now is natural, unfortunately it isn't! I dye it every month or so with henna to keep the colour like this. My natural haircolour is a dirty mousey blonde, although it started out almost white, as you can see in the picture below.

D-aaaw. Lovingly called 'Baldie' for the first year of my life where I didn't really grow any hair at all, but when it started growing it became nice and thick. The colour was quite interesting too, I was so blonde that my grandpa dubbed me 'the little white one', this was because I was very pale as well.

14 Years Old

 photo 112813431_5_sSoQjpeg.jpg

Skipping ahead a few years (this article is way too picture heavy already!) my hair turned a darker, golden blonde in my teens. I think I'm about fourteen in this photo, I didn't really do much with my hair. No styling, curling or dying. Just the regular haircut here and there.

15 Years Old

 photo 14346415_6_1m3zjpeg.jpg

The older I got, the more mousey my hair became. I'm about 15 years old in this photo and had a whisp of a fringe along with layers. Nothing too exciting. I don't remember caring much about my hair. I cared more for video games and Judo, so I didn't take particular care of it apart from brushing.

16 - 17 years old

After I turned 16, I think I started to care a bit more about my outward appearance. I liked more 'alternative' things such as the emo scene (although I didn't really have the means to look like that, I still thought it was cool) and the anime scene. I had my hair cut in layers and quite a bit shorter, although it's in a little ponytail in this photo you can still clearly see the layering.

I also started to dye my hair a little bit, along with taking stupid photos of myself. I guess it was just in my teen genes to do stuff like that. I thought I was so cool and special *sighs*.

<3 photo DSCF1573.jpg

As I was too lazy to actually keep up a hairstyle, I ended up growing most styles out until it became unmanageable and I had to go to the hairdresser again. I wasn't a regular visitor at all and only went once every six months or so. 

18 - 19 years old. The 'I'm a broke art student and cutting my own hair' Phase

After graduating high school, I left home to go to university in a bigger city. Living on my own was quite exciting, as was following a course that had to do with something I loved. Because it was quite normal back then to see people with all kinds of crazy hair and clothes and art supplies were thoroughly draining my bank account, I decided to go cut my own hair. 

Yeah, here's an example of my first try. Do. Not. Cut. Your. Own. Hair! If you don't know what you're doing at least! I certainly didn't, and the results (especially in the beginning) were horrific. 

Another fine example why you shouldn't let me run around with scissors. I also started dying my hair in a multitude of colours. I don't really remember why.

19 - 21 Years Old. The Discovery Of Henna.


On a forum I frequented I discovered that you can dye your hair with henna. Which was not only cheaper than what I had been using before, but also better for my hair and a truly lovely colour. From the first try I was hooked and I haven't looked back since! At this stage I was also growing out my hair.

I really liked this hairstyle, but I changed it shortly after this. I don't really know why, maybe the fringe upkeep was too big or I was just feeling spontaneous. I was always quick to change my hairstyles, not really caring if it took ages to grow back. 'It's only hair.' I always thought. 'Why not cut it short and see if it suits me?' 

I did really like the short bob cut, but it didn't seem to suit me that well looking back at it. A bob is all angles whereas I prefer softer looks. 

This shorter cut is one of my favourites. My hair looked even thicker than it was and it was very nice to ruffle through it. It also didn't need any upkeep at all. If I didn't like my current long hair so much, I'd probably go back to something like this. 

21 - Now. Asymmetrical cut and playing Rapunzel.

When the short cut started looking less than appealing, I decided to try something truly different and got an a-symmetrical cut. This haircut was AWESOME! Especially when it grew out a little. 

This is the same cut, and I think I liked it the most like this. It's still soft and fluffy but it also had an edge to it. I had it this way for months and just grew it out, leaving one side longer than the other. 

Eventually though the fringe got a bit too annoying, and so I decided to cut my own hair again and cut my own fringe. Because I was a lot more careful this time it actually went okay. 

Eventually I went to a hairdresser to make my hair one length again so that I could grow it out. This was soon after I had been to have a haircut for the last time, a year or so ago. Since then, I've just let it grow and cut it myself. 

I don't usually make photos of my hair, so it's hard to show you the length. It's pretty long now, and I do like it but the thickness and volume seems to diminish as it grows longer. I liked that it had some kind of wavyness to it, but that's slowly going away. I think it's the weight of all that hair. 

I don't really know what I'm going to do with it, I promised myself I'd wait with cutting it (It's been 3 years since the short cut!) until I had it at the length I have I'm a bit stuck. Do I wait even longer? Do I go for something completely different? Part of me is bored with this hairstyle by now, but the other part really likes the feminine feel of really long hair. 


  1. LIMWZ Beauty Blog16 October 2013 at 07:21

    The longer hair makes you look like such a babe. Don't cut it! Play with it! Make pony tails, put it up in a bun, whatever! This style makes you look mature, beautiful and very feminine.
    I've had my hair your length for about 2 years before I cut it. Now I have a bob that's short in the back and longer in the front. I really miss being able to make those intricate braided hairstyles, but also love how easy this style is.
    My point: keep this style for a bit longer. Just untill your sick of it.

  2. Awhh je eerste eigen knipbeurt! Gelukkig kun je achteraf vaak wel om zulke dingen lachen :p Ik vind je lange haar je erg mooi staan! Ook op die foto van een jaar geleden. Ik zou het nog even zo laten!

  3. De 2e foto na de titel 19-21 years old, vind ik je echt prachtig staan!

  4. Thank you! It's a good idea to just try some styles out, I am so useless when it comes to styling my hair so learning it could be very interesting!

  5. Haha ja zonde he! Ik vind het nu inderdaad wel heel grappig, vooral die veel te korte pony. What was I thinking?! :p

  6. Oooh dankjewel! Misschien laat ik het wel weer zo in laagjes knippen maar dan langer, ik vond een pony altijd wel heel leuk eigenlijk.

  7. LIWMZ Beauty Blog16 October 2013 at 13:49

    You should check out Lilith Moon on YouTube, she does all kind of magic with her own hair and shows you how to recreate. I learned so much from her back when my hair was still long!

  8. Watching it now, thanks for that! She's amazing!

  9. I like all the styles. I even loved it when you cut it yourself. And I really like that fringe/bangs/pony!

  10. I'm absolutely in love with your asymmetrical haircut when it grew out a bit!! I think it looks still manages to look feminine while being a little edgy. :) May I ask what products you use on your hair?

  11. Thank you! I really did love it a lot. I don't use many products for my hair at all, but when I had it shorter I'd occasionally use wax or a mousse to make it more voluminous. Right now I only use a bit of dry shampoo when it starts to get a bit greasy and I brush it thoroughly every day.