Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Look: Soft Matte Taupe

You all probably know by now that I am very fond of everything that shimmers, especially eyeshadow. It rarely happens that I make a look that is completely matte and a little bit more subdued. Understated can be very beautiful though, so this time I went for a soft matte look that's appropriate for daytime wear but a little bit darker than what I'd usually do. 

The look is fairly simple. I applied a mauve taupe colour all over the lid and blended that upwards and outwards with a lighter taupe. On the browbone I used a matte white as a highlight and in the outer corners I applied a medium brown for a bit more depth.

I wanted to keep the look soft, so instead of black I opted for a deep brown eyeliner and mascara. I also blended some of the warm brown under the lower lashline to finish it off.

To bring back some colour into my face I applied a fair bit of pink blusher and a matte rose on the lips.

I personally really love this look! It's very easy to do for everyday wear and it's subtle yet eyecatching. It's not too dark so it's still appropriate for daytime wear or office looks and it's not so soft that there's not enough definition.


  1. Gorgeous. The brown liner really makes this look special!

  2. Thank you! I'm in love with that brown liner, it's such a nice difference from the usual black that I do.

  3. Aw dankjewel! <3

  4. I've been browsing the internet for some pictures and stumbled upon your blog. I can't find any info about what e/s you used for this look (unless I'm totally blind). Can you let us know?:)

  5. Could you please do a separate editorial on how to do winged eyeliner, like the one you applied in the photos above? :)

  6. Sure! :) I'll have one up in the near future!