Monday, 14 October 2013

Look: Red Lips Winged Tips

I used to wear my make-up like this all the time, but these days I usually prefer my eyeliner a bit slimmer and my make-up as varied as the weather in the UK. I don't have an 'everyday' look anymore, but sometimes it can be nice to fall into old habits.

I do so love the vintage style of red lips and winged eyeliner, but the traditional white and grey eyeshadow that accompanies this look isn't for me, so instead I chose peachy golds, warm browns and even a plummy purple to make the whole thing more 'me'. It was also to bring some life back into my face, because a red colour on my lips often makes me look even more pale than I already am.

The matte red lipstick immediately gives a more mature and vintage effect, even though the red is a bit deeper on me than would be most flattering on me, I do absolutely adore it and I don't mind putting on a little bit of extra blusher to put some colour back into my skin.


Doing a bold winged eyeliner takes up a lot more eyelid space than my usual tightlining or fine lines, so as to not lose too much definition, I applied a plummy colour under the lower lashes to give the illusion of bigger, more open eyes. I also brought up the eyeshadow a little bit over the crease, to give myself a bit more room to work with.

I do really like this look, it makes me feel all fancy and it's so very feminine. It's hard to not feel like a vintage vixen with your make-up done like this!


  1. Hele mooie look! Je lijkt inderdaad op een mooie vintage vixen :)

  2. Prachtige look! Ik vind de lipstick eigenlijk wel heel mooi bij je lichte huid!

  3. Dankjewel! Ik vind het soms ook wel heel mooi juist omdat ik zo bleek ben, maar aan de andere kant krijg ik dan nog vaker te horen dat ik meer naar buiten moet haha.

  4. Wow dankjewel zeg! *bloost*

  5. Prachtig! Ik moet helaas nog even leren om een goede winged liner te zetten.