Thursday, 17 October 2013

Look: For Green(er) Eyes

A little while ago reader Mandi left a comment asking if I could make a look for green eyes. As I have hazel eyes myself which has a mixture of colours in it, I already often use little tricks with colour to make the green stand out so I definitely don't mind making a special look for you.

So, if you have green eyes and you want to make them stand out, or if you have hazel eyes and you want the green colour to come out more there's certainly a few things you can do!

First of all, remember my tutorial about combining colours? If you don't, here's a reminder for you. 

As you probably know, the colour green is a mixture of yellow and blue, so to really make them stand out we need a colour that is the opposite of that and doesn't have any blue or yellow undertones. Colours such as pink, plum, purple and red are great for this!

You could do this in a subtle way by lining your lower lashline with a dash of purple or pink, or make a dramatic red smokey eye! What I went for in this look was a wearable purple smokey eye.

Although I made this look for green eyed folks in mind, purple looks lovely with almost any eye colour and almost any skintone. So even if you don't have green or hazel eyes, don't hesitate to try something like this out for yourself!

The look was quite easy to do. I used a matte white in the inner corners and on the browbone to keep the look bright and prevent it from becoming too dark. I applied a lighter burgundy colour all over the lid and blended it out, and then applied a shimmering purple over that and blended that out too. I used a very dark purple on the lower lashline as well as the upper lashline and blended it out.

I finished the look by applying false lashes and tightlining my upper waterline, as well as filling in the outer half of the lower waterline for a bit more intensity.

To keep this look wearable I used a soft, natural colour on the lips and a cream blush on the cheeks.

So there you have it, an eye look that's ideal for green eyes! I have made other looks to bring out the green colour in my eyes before, so if you'd like even more examples you can find them here, here, and here.


  1. Absolutely stunning!! I LOVE this look. Thank you so much!

  2. You're so welcome! I had lots of fun doing this. :D

  3. Hey! I think you might actually have green eyes with central heterochromia. I have the same thing but the part around my iris is grey gold :). Basically it means the part around your iris is a complete different colour than outside portion which is different than having hazel eyes. So on official documents your eyes would be green, not hazel. A lot of people confuse the two as people with central heterochromia can often seem "to change colour" as well when the pupil becomes dilated or with different lighting/makeup. have really pretty eyes regardless :) xx Liz

  4. I found this post from looking for eye makeup for people with dark hazel green eyes and WOW. Your eye makeup looks amazing and our eyes are the same colour (except I have a couple of reddish brown freckles in one of my eyes).