Saturday, 19 October 2013

Little Mix: My Red Lipsticks

I can almost hear some of you thinking. Why Han, for the love of all that is glitter, would you ever even want more than one red lipstick? 

My first answer would be that they're all different kinds of red you see, and that I like to use all of them for different types of looks. This is true, they aren't exactly alike but the main reason for this collection is that I'm just besotted with lipsticks in general and forever looking for THE red. The red that will not only be fabulous for a special night out and casual wear alike but also the red that will stay on for as long as I need it to (forever +1) and will also not dry out my lips. So far, my neverending quest has led me to interesting products ranging from budget to mid-end.

Catrice Ultimate Colour Lipstick: My Red Card

Catrice is sadly not available online, but in my homecountry (The Netherlands) it's quite a popular budget brand. This lipstick only cost me 4 Euros, making it a very inexpensive purchase. I've had My Red Card for years and there's not much of it left since it's been thoroughly loved as my first red lipstick.

My Red Card swatches opaque in just one swipe over the arm and feels very buttery, almost nourishing. The finish is quite glossy, but not high shine and the red colour is almost a true red, were it not that it has ever so slightly blue undertones. This means that this lipstick will look good on people with both cool and warm undertones and will also not make your teeth look more yellow than they are.

My Red Card wears comfortably on the lips and feels almost nourishing. It's easy to apply and doesn't feather or bleed a huge amount, but it can do so a little. Using a lip pencil underneath will prevent this problem immensely.

I am always very impressed with My Red Card's performance since it's such a cheap product, the only thing I'm not over the moon with is the wearing time. The lipstick is very creamy, so it's not longlasting at all and will need regular re-applying.

Essence Longlasting Lipstick: Dare To Wear 

Dare To Wear is a lipstick from the new range of the budget brand Essence, which is available in many countries but not in the UK. Fortunately I got my hands on it because of the recent exchange I did! I was very curious about this lipstick, especially since it's supposed to be cooler toned and I didn't have any of those in my possession. 

Dare to Wear is very creamy and swatches nicely on my wrist. Not completely opaque, but still good colour payoff! You can see quite clearly that it's a blue based red too, it almost leans to a berry colour in the swatch.

On my lips the lipstick feathers a little bit, so make sure you use a lip pencil underneath. I do really love the colour and the finish, it's very high shine and the lipstick feels almost moisturizing. It is in fact so creamy that it won't stick to the more inner part of my lips, which is a bit of a bummer because it makes it look as if it's already starting to wear off.

Dare To Wear isn't very longlasting at all, even though it comes from Essence's 'longlasting' range. I don't really mind though, the colour is very pretty and the lipstick itself was only about 2 Euros.

The lipstick does stain, which I quite like because it means that you still have a bit of colour on the lips as it wears off, but not everyone is fond of stains so I thought I should mention it.

Sleek True Colour Lipstick: Vixen

Vixen is the most orange based red of the bunch. Sleek promises that the lipstick formula is nourishing and even contains vitamin E.

The lipstick is incredibly opaque and creamy, it's a very vibrant and loud colour and the glossy finish makes it even more so. 

The lipstick immediately feels very comfortable on the lips, it is indeed almost hydrating and although it's a very smooth lipstick, Vixen doesn't bleed too much. It can have a bit of trouble attaching itself to the inner part of the lips though because of its creamy formula. 

Vixen's wearing time is actually excellent for such a creamy lipstick which sells for only about £4. It won't survive a meal, but will easily last for a few hours. Even longer if you consider the fact that the lipstick also stains. 

Rimmel Kate Matte Lipstick: 107

This is the darkest red in my collection, it's actually almost more of a berry colour than a red but I wanted to include it anyway. Kate's line was very popular when it came out, the lipsticks being high quality and longlasting for a drugstore brand. Not much longer Rimmel came out with another Kate collection, this time all about matte lipsticks. When I saw a review of 107 on someone else's blog, I immediately fell for the deep colour.

Rimmel Kate 107 is truly matte en swatches opaque in just one swipe. There is a little bit of bleeding visible, so using a lip pencil underneath is strongly recommended. 

On the lips it feels quite comfortable, but the formula makes dry patches even more visible. Most matte lipsticks do this, so I wasn't too upset about it. The colour is truly very pretty and the fact that it doesn't actually dries out my lips is a big bonus.

Rimmel Kate 107 wears for quite a long time. I wouldn't compare it to high-end lipsticks, but you can definitely easily get four hours out of it and it can also survive a light meal. 

MAC lipstick: Russian Red

Russian Red is one of my first lipsticks from MAC. I had heard good things about this lipstick, I had been looking for a good matte red for ages and since everyone kept raving about this one I eventually got it. I was told that it was the warmer toned red compared to Ruby Woo, but I personally believe it is still quite cool with blue undertones. The lipstick is also a bit deeper than I expected, but absolutely beautiful nonetheless.

Russian Red is incredibly pigmented and swatches opaque in just one slight swipe over the wrist. The colour is matte and therefor I thought it might tug on the skin and it definitely isn't as smooth as my creamier lipsticks but not as dry as I feared it would be either.

Russian Red for me applies like I would want any matte lipstick to apply. You have to be a bit careful because the lipstick likes to cling itself straight onto your skin, so any mistake you make will be hard to erase. That said, when it's on it stays on for a pretty long time. No feathering, no bleeding. When it finally does go away it goes away gradually, leaving a nice stain.

Russian Red is such a classy red, the wearing time is also amazing. This is the red I would wear if I was going to go out all night and didn't want to worry about re-applying every half an hour. It is also the priciest out of all my red lipsticks with the pricetag of £15.


When you see them together you can truly tell how different they all are. Different reds for different moods and occasions!  Are you a bit of a lipstick fanatic like me? Please tell me I'm not the only one trying to justify this sort of crazy 'gotta catch 'em all'  behaviour.


  1. How come you write the post in detail :)
    you just dont miss a point. Loved reading the post and even loved your swatches. :):)

  2. Beautyglitter.nl20 October 2013 at 13:56

    Russian Red and My Red Card from Catrice are my faves! Echt prachtige lipsticks en hele mooie swatches :D

  3. I also loved how detailed your post is.
    And yes i have around 6 red lipsticks. My favourite is la fascinante from Chanel. It is matte but not drying and a beautiful red. Also the red from Ellis faas is one you should try. It really is bloodred.

  4. I love that you include wear time in your review. Would like to see what some of the more staining lipsticks look like after a few hours as a part of future reviews. Excuse me while I go buy My Red Card now :-D