Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Holy Grail: LOOK Perk Me Up Primer

Usually when I finish a make-up product, I'm already half on my way to see what else is there. Rarely does it occur that I buy the same item again, even if I liked it! Sometimes it does happen though that I can't get a result quite the same with a different product, and this primer is one of those things and has thus become one of my holy grail items. Allow me to elaborate.

Priced at £12 it's quite a bit more expensive than the regular make-up product that you can buy in Superdrug, and the packaging is not very luxurious either. It is very practical and clean, which I love and it is very easy to see how much product there is left.

Judging by the description it seems that this is not only a primer but also a highlighter. That's not what I use it for though, I use it solely as a primer for under my eyes. The pink colour and the light reflecting ingredients work very well against prominent dark circles.

As you can see by the swatch on my arm, this primer really does reflect the light really well. The consistency is nice, it's a bit watery but it doesn't feel nasty or sticky at all. There's not that overly slippery sillicone feeling that I hate so much in other primers. It doesn't really have a smell to me either, but I have had a cold for the last couple of weeks so there's no way I could tell anyway.

I wish my camera would capture my dark circles better because they are so much more prominent in real life, but luckily you can still see what the effect is of this primer on my eyes. On the top photo you can see that my dark circles are a lot more visible than in the bottom photo. The primer works so well because it cancels out the yellow and green undertones in that area, which is the reason my eyes look tired!

I'm not saying that I don't still need concealer after this primer, but it does really help keep the dark circles at bay. Usually I can still see the discolouration even after concealer, but the Perk Me Up primer really helps with that.

I'm so happy with this discovery and I've repurchased this primer at least two times now! This is saying a lot, because the bottle should last you at least nine months or so. Definitely check it out if you have the chance.

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