Sunday, 6 October 2013

Dutch exchange with LIMWZ

A few weeks ago, Lisette from LIMWZ beauty blog approached me on Twitter with the question if I would be interested in doing an exchange! As she is from the Netherlands and I'm from there as well, but currently living in the UK this was a great chance for the both of us to try out some items that we can't get in our respective countries. I didn't really know what to ask for except for one thing, so she sent me some stuff that she personally really likes.

When I opened the box she sent me (which was HUGE by the way, I was almost surprised there wasn't a small child stowed away in there with the size of the thing) I was very pleasantly surprised. You want to see what I got? Then keep on reading.

Two Catrice Nailpolishes

Catrice is one of my favourite drugstore brands available in the Netherlands, and I used to buy their nailpolishes all the time! I didn't have these two colours yet, and I really like them. One is a deep purple with blue sparks and the other is a transparant colour with a pearly duochrome. Very pretty!

Catrice Liquid Metal in 'Under Treasure'

The liquid metals haven't been here for long yet, but I'd heard that they're absolutely gorgeous. As it happens, this one definitely is! It's a deeper gold, very shimmery colour with multicoloured sparkles. The pigmentation is also realy lovely, so I'm chuffed to bits with this.

HEMA angled brush, HEMA mascara, Bourjois palette and Catrice Camouflage Cream.

These four items are all really lovely as well. I stupidly assumed the HEMA mascara was a brow gel at first, and like the buffoon I am I immediately put it on my brows before looking at it properly. I almost got a bit disappointed with it until I read the packaging and actually used it what it was meant a mascara! I can see why this is one of LIMWZ's favourites, it has a very nice effect! The brush is very nice as well, the hairs are a bit longer than what I'm used to but it's actually very pleasant in its use and I've used it often for my brows. The Bourjois palette was a surprise! Lisette said she didn't really use it herself and I might have some use out of it. She was very right, I adore the colours in this palette, they're very neutral and chique.

The Catrice Camouflage Cream is surprisingly good as well! I didn't expect this kind of coverage from a drugstore brand at all, and it's even light enough for my vampire pale skincolour! Very impressive indeed.

Three lipsticks: Catrice Russian Violette, Essence Coral Calling and Essence Dare To Wear

The lipsticks are perhaps the things I'm most excited about. I am such a lipstick lover anyway, and these colours are to die for. Russian Violette is a bit scary in the tube, but a very sheer and wearable purple on the lips. Coral Calling is the perfect coral, not too orange and not too pink. Dare To Wear is a stunning blue based red with a high shine, truly very pretty!

MAX palette

Lisette was also kind enough to send me this palette that's from a brand that I haven't previously heard from, called MAX. She said it didn't really work for her but it might do for me. And boy, was she right! There's lots of shimmery bright colours that I'll definitely use, and I swatched a few of them so that you can see how wonderfully pigmented they are! The eyeshadows are very soft and a bit prone to fallout, but I'm never bothered with that. Just tap the brush off and go for it.

Catrice Higlighting Pen

This was the product I originally asked for, and it is b-e-a-uuuutiful. It's longlasting, so I can use it on the waterline as well as in the inner corners. The pen has a lot of shimmer and is very high shine, but smudge and waterproof so it stays there all day.

Look with the items: 

I used the Catrice Highlighting Pen in the inner corners and the waterline, a few colours from the MAX palette under the lower lashline. The taupe colour from the Bourjois palette in the outer corners and the crease and the light colour from that same palette on the browbone. I used the Catrice Liquid Metal as an all-over lid colour and the Catrice concealer under my eyes.

I also wanted to show you how wearable Russian Violette is on the lips, it's a colour I've reached for a lot since it feels like a lipbalm but still has lovely pigmentation as well.

Thank you so much Lisette for sending me these wonderful items, I hope you enjoy what I got you just as much! Also, definitely check out her blog LIMWZ if you have the time. She posts about beauty and cosmetics daily and is truly passionate about it.


  1. Leuk idee van dat meisje! Ben ook benieuwd naar de producten die je haar opgestuurd hebt! (blogpost?) :p

  2. Heel leuk om dit te doen! MAX is een merk dat de Action (een hele goedkope winkel) verkoopt. Daar zitten soms nog best goede producten tussen! :)

  3. Ze heeft een unboxing video gemaakt die binnenkort online komt, dus houd haar blog in de gaten! Haha zelf heb ik geen foto's gemaakt van tevoren, anders had ik daar zeker een blogpost van gemaakt. :p

  4. Oooh ik dacht al dat het me bekend voorkwam! Ik houd van de Action, die staat misschien wel in de top tien van de dingen die ik mis aan Nederland (naast hagelslag).

  5. Super leuk zo'n exchange! Je heb hele leuke dingen gekregen :)

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