Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Tutorial: Matte Smokey Eyes.

It appears that the look I did in my recent review was well received, and eventually even a tutorial was requested! I am always more than happy to give in to requests like that whenever I can so here you go, a tutorial for the intense petrol coloured smokey eye. I made this look with the Sleek Ultra Mattes Darks palette, but you definitely don't need the palette to recreate the look, use your own colours that are similar or even swap a few colours if you like! Just make sure that the range from light to dark is still the same.

As usual, all of the brushes shown in the picture are the brushes I used for that step.

Step 1: Prime Your Eyes!

With an intense look like this it's important that you prevent your eyeshadow from creasing, so use an eye primer! Also, don't do the rest of your make-up yet. Dark eyeshadow tends to cause a lot of fallout and it would be a damn shame if the fallout ruined your perfectly applied foundation. After the eyes are done just remove the fallout with a make-up remover wipe or something and then apply the rest of your make-up for a flawless finish.

Step 2: Lightest Shade

With dark looks like this, I like to work from light to dark. Mostly because then I can use the same brush for another eyeshadow, but also because it gives structure to my brain. Apply a matte white on the browbone and in the inner corners of your eyes, this will be your highlight. If white is too light, use a colour a few shades lighter than your skintone on the browbone instead.

Step 3: Base Colour

With a flat eyeshadow brush, apply your base colour (in our case, petrol) on the lid. Make sure you pat it on, don't swipe! Patting releases more pigment. Avoid the inner corners but cover all of your lid. For people with hooded lids or tiny eyelids, it's okay to go a bit above your crease like I did.

Don't worry about blending for now, we'll take care of that later.

Step 4: Dark Green

With a tiny brush that picks up a lot of pigment, gently load it up with a dark green colour and apply it in the outer corners of the eye and work it towards the crease. Be gentle! It's easier to apply more than it is to take it away! Also run the dark green colour over the lower lashline with that same brush.

Step 5: Blend! 

With the same brush that you used in the last step, load it up with a bit of dark blue and apply it in the outer corners for more depth.

With a fluffy blending brush, blend the areas shown in the diagram. Use windshield motions over the crease and little swirling motions on the outer corners and in the little areas of the eye. Be gentle, let the brush do the work. If you push too hard you'll just end up ruining the brush and the make-up. Just be patient and blend until you're happy!  If you lose any colour intensity, just apply a little bit of the colour on that area and blend it again.

Step 6: Dark Blue

Apply a matte dark blue in the outer corners of the eye with the same brush you used to apply the green colour, this will give the look extra definition. If you feel like you have to blend it go ahead, but I usually feel like it looks right straight away.

Step 7: Line The Eyes.

When it's a heavy look like this, I feel like it needs eyeliner to balance the eyes out and make the look appear more put together, but if you don't like using eyeliner on your waterline feel free to skip this step.

With either gel or kohl liner, line the waterline and tightline the upper lashline. If you're not sure how to do that, I've got a tutorial for you right here! 

All finished!

Now it's time to wipe the fallout away and do the rest of your make-up! Since the eye look is already so overpowering, I like to keep the rest of my make-up simple with a warm blush and a natural colour on the lips. 

I didn't go for falsies and just applied some black mascara, but this would be a great look for false lashes! So feel free to put them on for some extra glam. 

This colour combination will work with almost all eye colours and skintones. There's a lot of blue in there, but the green makes it a bit more accessible. The blue will bring out orange and yellow tones in eyes, and the dark colours will make eyes appear lighter and brighter, making it a very good choice for hazel eye colours. I think it would go really well with light eye colours such as green, grey and blue as well though because of the dark/light contrast. Brown eyes can handle any colour, so there's no doubt that this too will look amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial! Let me know if you did, and if any of you have tried it out let me know too! I'm very curious to see how it went.


  1. gorgeous! ik vind matte ook een heel mooi effect geven :)

  2. I looved the look.. I wonder how it looks on wheatish skintones.

  3. Ohhh I wonder too! I think you could add a sneaky bit of gold in the inner corners to warm the look up and it would look awesome.