Wednesday, 25 September 2013

Review: NARS Albatross

NARS Albatross is one of those cult products that everyone and their mother raves about. It's supposed to be THE highlighter of highlighters, and last week on my birthday I became the owner of one of these holy grails of beauty! However, I am wondering. Does it live up to its expectations, or is the actual product not really what it's been hyped up to be?

I think the packaging is very stylish and sleek, the finish is a matte black which features the NARS logo beautifully and the packaging itself is really quite sturdy. The mirror  that you get with it is quite nice as well, my only problem with it is that the powder tends to get in the grooves quite easily. It's only a little bit annoying, but still.

Swatched on my wrist Alabross is a beautiful shimmering pale yellow. It's not a very warm colour since it's leaning more to the green side, but it's still quite yellow and therefore I doubt that this highlighter will look very nice on cooler skintones. The powder is very finely milled and there are no chunky glitter, it allows for a subtle application but can be built up for a very dramatic effect as well.

Rubbed out over a larger area you can see that the shimmers are definitely still there and that the skin gets a slightly yellow tinge from it, although the effect is quite subtle.

Both of these pictures were taken without flash.

It's hard to capture the effect on camera properly since the only thing it really picked up are the eyes (whereas I applied it on the browbone, cheekbones, nose and cupid's bow as well) but the effect is quite magical. It makes your skin appear glowing from within, where most highlighters tend to be glittery or wet looking, Albatross makes it seem as if your skin just glows that way. It's also a lovely highlighter for in the inner corners, since it somehow just appears a lot more vibrant there.

I also made a blurry picture (shimmer tends to show up more when blurred) to show the effect. I over applied it a bit because I wanted you guys to be able to see it, but as you can tell it is very yellow, even for my warmer skintone. My guess is that this will look amazing on girls with olive undertones and bronzed complexions but I feel like it would clash with cooler skintones such as pink.

This picture was taken with the flash on and the effect is much more visible here. Albatross catches the light in a very nice way and the yellow tinge seems to disappear under artificial light.

Final Verdict:

This highlighter is great and I can see why so many people speak highly of it, but at £21.50 it's a steep price to pay for an item that fits in the palm of your hand. There are many highlighters that are really lovely for half the price or less, but I must say that I've never come across a highlighter that looks like Albatross. It's not a gold or a pink highlighter, but more of a yellow with an almost green tint to it.

It will be flattering on a multitude of skintones (although cooler undertones should probably try it out in the store before they think of purchasing it) and it will look absolutely wonderful on bronzed complexions. The texture of the highlighter is wonderful, super finely milled with no chunky glitters, just shimmer. This allows for a subtle effect, though you can definitely build it up and go for something more dramatic. 


  1. Ik vind deze zo mooi! Lijkt me echt de perfecte highlighter.

  2. ik heb hem ook en ben er erg blij mee! maar ik merk wel dat ik de laatste tijd meer afwissel met gouden highlighters, ik heb een super mooie van Lola op Lanzarote gekocht >< de goede merken zijn bijna nooit in NL te koop he? :'D (bij jou wel in Engeland, lucky you haha)

  3. Wauw wat een mooi product is het toch ook!

  4. Haha ja ik heb wel mazzel hier in de UK inderdaad, maar deze was online besteld en voor dat kleine dingetje vroegen ze 7(!!!!) pond verzendkosten. Echt bizar!