Saturday, 28 September 2013

Review: Cutest Eyeliners EVER!

Yep, those are eyeliners! Aren't they just adorable? I came across them when I was shopping on Ebay for nail-art supplies, they were only £2 or something for all three of them so I just couldn't help myself. I initially bought them purely for decorative reasons to stand there and be pretty on my chest of drawers but eventually I wanted to try and see if they were actually any good as well.

The packaging is what made me purchase these eyeliners, so I don't think I have to clarify how much I love the packaging. I love that the three ladies all have different expressions and robes and I can't believe that they were that cheap. Remember that I got all three of them for only a bit more than £2, that's amazing.

There are some downsides though, for instance, I can't figure out what the ingredients are and since it comes from Asia where there's other rules to making products like this there's no way to figure out if it has been tested on animals or if it has any ingredients in it that I might be allergic to. Always test things without an ingredient list on your hand first to see if it causes a reaction!

The applicator is a felt tipped one, which I prefer to the ones with actual hair. It is a bit firmer than I'm used to though and it doesn't have much give, so it sort of feels like running a wet stick across your skin. This makes the eyeliner a bit harder to work with because it's more likely to tug on your eyes.

It does however allow for making very fine lines. The eyeliner is also waterproof which is a big plus, but it's not smudge proof at all and will come off easily if you rub it.

When I wore it on the eyes, I was surprised with the quality! The eyeliner is much more intense and way easier to apply than I thought. I didn't actually expect it to work this well since it was so cheap!

If you're interested at all, I bought them from this Ebay seller over here.

Pros and Cons


- Adorable packaging
- Very cheap
- Works well! Not great, but nice quality.
- Waterproof formula


- You don't really know where it's come from, what the ingredients are and in which working conditions it has been made. 
- The applicator is a bit stiff, so it takes a little bit of extra TLC to apply it properly. 


  1. Ze zijn inderdaad erg schattig!

  2. Jaa he! Ik had echt niet verwacht dat ze goed zouden werken, erg fijn! Al staan ze nu alsnog op mn nachtkastje hun oorspronkelijke doel te verwezenlijken haha.