Sunday, 22 September 2013

Monthly Beauty Favourites #1

Time for another regular article, monthly favourites! I always love reading about other blogger's favourite items, and when a couple of you lovely readers said that you'd like to see mine too I thought it couldn't hurt to dedicate an article to it every once in a while. I pretty much love everything I own so it was hard to choose, so in the end I went for the items I used the most this month.

Mememe Beat the Blues Pearl Pink Liquid Highlighter

I've used this highlighter pretty much every day this month! I really like it. It's not subtle at all, but it's not a glitterbomb either and it gives just such a lovely glow to my face whenever I use it.

My Shiro Eyeshadows

Yep, still in love with those! Especially with the swatches featured above. It's actually hard for me to not use my Shiro eyeshadows for a change and go for one of my other palettes.

Stila In The Light Palette

Whenever I'm not using my Shiro eyeshadows for a look, this palette is usually the thing I go for. It's perfect for everyday looks and it's just so easy to use! The dark colours aren't too pigmented so they're hard to mess up but it's easy to make them more intense, just apply some more! The shimmery shades are all super buttery and pigmented, so a little goes a long way. I absolutely love this palette for neutral looks!

Soap and Glory lipstick in Guavarama

Guavarama is hard to describe. It's not a red, not a pink and not a brick colour but something in between! It's a gorgeous lip colour and the formula is so creamy without being slippery. It's just such a classy colour and I love wearing it, definitely give it a try if you can!

Catrice Gel Liner

This gel liner has been my favourite product to line my eyes with for years, but sometimes I go through a phase where I prefer a felt tip liner or a liquid liner. For the last month or so I've solely been using this gel liner and I'm so impressed with it every time. It was cheap, goes on smooth and its staying power is fantastic. At the end of the day there are no smudges and there's no fading. For me, this is pretty much the epitome of gel liner!

Which is why I'm so grumpy that the brand decided to stop making them! C'mon Catrice, this was your best product! What are you thinking?

Sleek Eau La La Pencils

These things are wonderful, and I've taken to using them every time under a lipstick. They're inexpensive, super creamy and multifunctional! I've used them on the eyes as well as the lips, and they are water resistant too!

Urban Decay Revolution Lipstick in Streak

Probably the lipstick I went the most for this month or so. It's a bit more colourful than a natural lip, but still understated and muted enough to wear every day with ease. The staying power is very  impressive since the lipstick feels quite creamy and nourishing. Streak is a wonderful lipstick and I can't stop using it.

Illamasqua Cream Pigment in Androgen

Androgen can be used on the eyes, lips and face but I primarily use it as a blush. It is the perfect warm toned blusher for me! Not too orange, not too pink. It makes my face look a little bit flushed and healthy, which is pretty much all that I want in a blush!

Sleek Poutpaint in Pinkini

Ever since my review about it I've worn this lipcolour regularly, even with it being fussy! You know me, I don't like fuss at all so that must mean that I really love this lip colour. It's such a wonderful vibrant pink without being too cool toned and it immediately brightens up any look I do. With the weather changing I'll probably move on to warmer, deeper shades but for now it's definitely a favourite! So, so pretty.

Anyway, these are my favourite items at the moment! Lots of lip products and eyeshadow stuff, but that's to be expected since those are the two items I gravitate the most to anyway.


  1. Jaa Androgen is zo mooi! Ik had hem tijdens de sale op Illamasqua's website gekocht, zal ik je tweeten als ze weer een sale hebben? Dan zijn ze nl maar 7 pond ofzo.

  2. Naar aanleiding van jouw review heb ik Streak ook gekocht en ik ben er heel erg blij mee! Mooie lipstick die elke dag kan, was altijd geneigd hele felle kleuren te kopen.
    Overigens kan ik Celestial van de Rimmel Apocalyps lip lacquers ook aanraden, heel mooi zachtroze altijdgoed kleur die lang blijft zitten!

  3. Oh nooooo catrice stopped mKing the gel eyeliner?! This was my favourite! I am going back to Belgium in December and was going to stock right up! This is so sad.

  4. Oooh ja Streak is mooi he! Ik ga meestal ook voor de felle kleuren (Anarchy lijkt me ook zo mooi!) maar Streak leek me zo'n perfecte 'altijd goed' kleur en dat is het ook!

    Ik zal zeker Celestial ook eens proberen, ik vind de Apocalyps erg fijn namelijk. :D

  5. I know! I'm heartbroken too, I hope you can still find a few or that there's maybe something still floating around on Ebay.