Wednesday, 4 September 2013

Looks of August

August is over! Well, it has been over for a couple of days now but as I am clinging to the last remnants of summer with all my might I was more than happy to ignore that fact until now.

I thought it would be kind of cool to show you guys the looks I made this month. Most of them will have already been shown on this blog, but some will be new as well! I just like to make a little re-cap of what I got up to this month and since everyone and their dog is doing a 'products I used' article or video already I thought it might be fun to do something different and show my looks instead!

I am however not opposed to showing my favourite products of the month, heaven knows I love raving about them, but I figured you guys would be overloaded by posts like that by now. Although if you do want to see what my favourites were, give me a shout and I'll make sure there will be a post of that too!

Let's start with this purple lipstick look! I personally really love purple lips right now, but I must admit that the colour isn't the most flattering on me. This purple colour comes from one of Sleek's lip palette's, it's actually the limited edition Mardi Gras version, so if you want to get it I hope you still can.

Purple Smokey Eyes

Yeah ok so the two above pictures were actually used in an article back in July, but I wore the actual look many times this August! So I thought it deserved a place here too. I love using eggplant, burgundy and plum colours on the eyes since they make the green stand out.

Warm Cut Crease

Cut creases are still pretty hard to do for me, but I liked this attempt quite a bit! I didn't know if I preferred the strong eye look combined with a nude lip more or combined with a sultry gradient lip. I think both look pretty cool actually. It's too bad that the shimmery eye colour, Surge, creases in an instant! I was really disappointed when I wrote the review since the shine from it was amazing.

Bright lips and winged liner

My absolute favourite way to wear bright lipsticks! I wore this look a lot this month. It was comfortable to wear in the warm weather but it made me feel really pretty too. There's something about lipstick that just makes you feel like a badass when you put it on.

Black and Blue

I can't say I love this look (which is why I only made one picture of it) but since I usually prefer to use warm colours on the eyes I thought I'd step out of my comfort zone and try something cool. I kind of liked it, but I think I need to practise a bit more to really make it work.

One Look Two Prices: Budget Version

I really liked the look I did for 'One Look, Two Prices' this month! The budget version was (again) favourite amongst most, maybe next time the more expensive version will win! It certainly has a better shot now that I'm also including how longlasting it is.

The Crazy Colourful Illamasqua Inspired Look

I really liked doing this look, and you guys seemed to like me doing something crazy as well! I'm definitely making an effort of doing looks that are not necessarily wearable but are fun to create and also look at. My motto about make-up is to have fun and be creative, so I try and make my blog reflect that philosophy.

Neutral Looks

I've done a lot of job hunting and for my job interviews I always feel like it's best to look a bit more natural, unless you're applying for something creative or make-up related. Not that it has helped me much up till now, but ah well. Keep on trying!

The Pornstar Challenge

I can't say I liked the look very much (it's so not me it's uncomfortable to look at) but I did like doing the challenge a lot! It's fun to try and do something you've never done before. The opinions were divided. All the men I asked weren't convinced at all, and most of the women were pretty convinced. 

Also I couldn't help but take some silly pictures too. 

"I think I can see my parent's disappointment from here."

Errrmagerd, I'm ready for my close-up!

Warm Smokey Eye

I've found out that smokey eyes with copper, garnet or burgundy colours suit me a heck of a lot better than the traditional black or grey smokey eye versions. For more dramatic looks I love using warm colours so that it still looks flattering.

Let's end with a FRICKIN' RAINBOW!

This was probably my favourite look of the month! Understated yet colourful, intricate but easy to do. People look at you like you've done magic when you wear this, and the best part is that everyone can do it. As long as you have the right tools of course.

I hope you enjoyed this accumulation of looks! Which one was your favourite, and what kinds of looks do you usually go for?


  1. the blue is my favorite!

  2. You're so stunning! x

  3. Haa awesome! I have to try out more blue looks then. I wasn't convinced, but maybe it just takes some getting used to.

  4. Gosh, thank you! <3

  5. Wat een prachtige ooglooks maak je toch!

  6. Echt wow wat een mooie ooglooks kun jij toch maken! :o Ik ben overigens wel beniewd naar jouw favoriete producten! :)

  7. The blue is my favorite, too! I' d love to see how it affects your eye color as well. My eyes are blue, so blue eyeshadow makes them look a bit dull, but with your green eyes it could work really well.

  8. Aw dankjewel! Leuk om te weten, dan ga ik die ook regelmatig doen! Maar in plaats van aan het eind van iedere maand misschien in het midden ofzo, dan hoeven jullie niet al die favorieten posts tegelijk te lezen haha.

  9. Wat kan je toch prachtige ooglooks maken. Ik vind je echt een mooi en een bijzonder meisje om te zien!

  10. Waaah dankjewel zeg!

  11. You look great on everything! :-)