Monday, 30 September 2013

Look: Too school for cool

I wasn't sure if I should upload this look as a seperate article because you could kind of see it already in my last, but since I had the pictures I still wanted to show you! I've done a lovely exchange with the Dutch LIMWZ who is also a beauty blogger and we've sent each other our favourite make-up items that we couldn't get in our respective countries.

There will be an article about the exact items I received from her very soon, but because I'm such a child at heart and so happy with what she sent me I couldn't help but play with my new toys and make a look right away!

I decided on playing with colours that I usually don't really go for, cooler shades such as grey and blue. I tend to go for either bright or warm and I needed to get out of my comfort zone a little bit. The best way to do that for me is to combine something familiar with something new! So this look is part natural eye, part experimenting with what is for me an unusually cool colour choice.

I focused on making my eyes look brighter and bigger. I've had a terrible cold for the last few weeks and my eyes have been watering too much to deal with make-up at all really (hence the significant lack of looks this month) so my main focus was on making me look healthy instead of the coughing wreck I actually was. For the pop of colour I chose a mixture between a duochrome cool purple and an icy blue. 

I kept the rest of my face quite simple. No foundation or BB cream this time, just some concealer and some powder where I needed it. I put on a bit of blush and kept my lips and highlighter subtle because my eyes were already demanding quite a bit of attention.

In the end, I must say that even though cool colours aren't really my thing, I do really like this look. It is very fresh and very wearable, but also flattering because the violet undertones make the whites of my eyes look whiter and the highlights help make my eyes look bigger. I do like the colour combination of the golden and taupe colours on my upper eyelid with the icy purple and white on my lower lashline.


  1. Mooie look! Hele mooie kleur paars!

  2. How unfair is that? Looking at the first picture I thought, "wow, I really like her skin here" and then I read that you're not even wearing a base! You have amazing skin! Love it! =)

  3. Wow thank you! And sorry! Haha it's one thing I am very lucky with, I do get spots and stuff but usually not on places people can see... :p

  4. Dankjewel Marissa!