Friday, 13 September 2013

Look: How Not To Do Your Make-Up

I had way too much fun doing this look, haha!

When it comes to make-up, I'm a big fan of saying that there are no rules. Make-up is a form of self expression to me, and how you want to express yourself is not up to me but to you. There are of course things that you shouldn't do with make-up for the sake of your own health, but I always get so tired of people saying that you're "supposed" to do something a certain way just because that's the way they like to see things themselves.

This article is therefore more meant as a personal preference, but also objective knowledge about what is universally unflattering. Whether you actually want your make-up to be flattering or not  is up to you, but I think it's always good to know how certain ways of applying it can change your whole appearance. Let's just take a look at the look I made and see what I did to make myself look almost unrecognisable.

That's quite a difference from my usual appearance, isn't it? There's a multitude of things going on here that make the look so unflattering, I'll list them below.

Face is way darker than the neck: 
Not only does this make the make-up look noticeable and fake straight away, it also looks as if you're wearing a mask. The colour itself isn't flattering either, it's way too orange for me and instead of it making me look tan, it just makes me look like an oompa loompa.

Harshly drawn on villain brows:
The eyebrows are very thin and drawn in a way that's way too harsh, instantly aging the face a good amount. The way that it's drawn on is so harsh that it looks as if I'm perpetually frowning, whereas my expression in was actually very neutral.

Too much of everything: 
They don't say that less is more for nothing! Piling on product just ends up making the look clownesque and it lays patchily on the skin.

Too much eyeliner on the lower lashes: 
There's a thick black line on the lower lashline, that hasn't been smudged or softened at all. This draws attention to the underside of my eyes and gives the appearance of my eyes drooping down, which makes me look tired and older. It also makes the eyes look tinier.

Wrong colours used:
The lip colour is far too light and cool toned for my new orange skintone, the same goes for my eyeshadow. It's okay to use a warm/cold contrast in your looks, but this is too much and it makes the colours clash.

One eyeshadow colour:
I hadn't taken my natural eye creases and shadows into consideration and just slapped a blue eyeshadow on. Not only has it been applied far too high up, but it also made all of the dimensions in my eye disappear. Making my eyes look tinier and more hooded. It would have been better if I had even the tiniest bit of darker eyeshadow in the crease and a bit of highlighter to bring the natural shadows back again.

From left to right: Normal make-up, no make-up, unflattering make-up

As you can see, I'm actually better off wearing no make-up at all than this one! Haha. Do you see what an incredible difference it is? With my eyebrows drawn on properly it balances out my face, whereas with the unflattering make-up it just makes me look dour and harsh. The absence of the overload of black eyeliner makes my eyes look bigger, brighter and lifts them up, which in turn slims the face and gives a much more alert effect.

The duckface was mandatory, I couldn't not do it! Anyway, rock the look you love but it's important to know what certain ways of applying make-up can do to your face, don't you agree?


  1. Haha, nee zo moet je het inderdaad niet doen!

  2. Oh my God! I'm dying! This looks sooooo bad! LOL

  3. oh gurllllll u looks SO fab! *not* haha <3

  4. Je ziet er zoooo anders uit! Wat make-up kan doen he :-P

  5. The first picture had me in stitches :D
    I have to admit, I kinda like the heavily lined lower lid on you, though. I've seen people look way worse in it, and they wore it on purpose ><

  6. Raise your hand if you wore liner this way in high school! *raises hand and looks away in shame*

  7. But at least I can say that in my time it was the 90's and we were all grunge (and then nu metal - oh my, those were the days) and that was just THE look... that, and brown lipstick! ^^ What's your excuse? ;p

  8. I thought I was a special snowflake just like all the other emo kids. :p

  9. you kinda look like the stereotypical brit they show on tv here. ;)

  10. Well I think you are a very special snowflake =)

  11. Je doet me zo denken aan de Spice girls... Very 1996!

  12. But girl, you look gorgeous with no makeup!

  13. hay gorgeous with no makeup! ♥ . ♥