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Little Mix: Givenchy Gloss Interdit in Idyllic Plum, Rimmel Kate in 05 and Revlon Wild Orchid

It has been a while since my last Little Mix, an article in which I review three items at once. I'm really excited about this one, because it features two of my favourite lipsticks and also a gloss! I never really do glosses, they're usually too sticky and fussy for me to deal with. You know me, I don't like fuss, but when my flatmate ever so kindly bestowed this Givenchy gloss upon me you understand that I simply couldn't resist.

I'm not sure if the Kate Rimmel version is still available, but the Kate line sells for £5.50 in stores which is quite budget. Revlon's Wild Orchid retails for £7.50. Making it a little bit more expensive than the Rimmel lipstick, but still quite in the budget area. Givenchy is a luxury brand, and the Idyllic Plum Gloss Interdit reflects that with its impressive pricetag of £19.50

All three lipcolours are quite opaque in one stroke, even the lipgloss applies evenly and isn't as sheer as I thought it would be. Kate no 5's lipstick is creamy and very pigmented, Idyllic Plum feels smooth and not sticky (definitely a plus!) and Wild Orchid feels incredibly smooth to the touch as well.

Sadly, I don't think these swatches represent the colours properly. Both Kate no5 and Idyllic Plum are less red toned and more to the well..plummy side. There's much more purple in them than the swatch suggests, such a shame.

Rimmel Kate no. 5  

I personally quite like the packaging of this lipstick! It's not overly shiny so fingerprints won't show up too much, and it's been left elegantly black save for Kate's signature in red which is quite a nice touch. The colour shown on the bottom end of the lipstick is actually quite accurate, my only gripe with the thing is that they haven't bothered to give it a proper name. It's just called 'number 5', and that's such a shame because I really love this colour and I feel like it deserves better. 

Number 5 is very pigmented and feels creamy, but doesn't slip over the lips and doesn't settle in the lines either. It's a gorgeous raspberry colour, sitting in between pink and red. The wearing time is quite good for a budget lipstick, it easily survives four hours but you do have to reapply it after a meal, althought the wearing time increases significantly if you apply a lipliner first.

The lipstick isn't very shiny, although it does reflect light so it's definitely not matte either, I'd call it more of a satin finish. I love using this lipstick as an alternative to red in pin-up looks but I must admit that I love using it for any look really. The colour is so very versatile, being bold without overwhelming and because it's not an exceptionally warm or cold colour it suits a great variety of looks. I really like it and it has been one of my favourite lipsticks to use since I bought it last year. Kate no. 5 is a bit of a chameleon, looking more pink in one type of lighting and much more red in others. Truly very interesting!

Revlon Wild Orchid

Wild Orchid is my first and only Revlon colour, but purchasing it has made me want to try more! The packaging isn't what won me over though, with its overly plastic looking surroundings it looks quite cheap and whereas the see through top is handy for seeing the colour, it doesn't help with the aesthetics of the product at all. 

Wild Orchid is such an interesting colour to me! At first I didn't think I'd like it since I'm normally not a fan of frosty finishes, but there was something in the bold blue shift that made me feel drawn to it. The colour is quite bold, being bright on it's own anyway sitting between fuschia and raspberry, but it's the blue frost that makes it shift a pearly purple what makes it special. The formula is also very comfortable, it's very pigmented so you won't need much but the consistency feels like a balm. I actually forgot that I was wearing any lipstick when I had this on.

Wild Orchid has a pearl finish with a blue shift that makes the colour much more purple when it hits the light. This makes it look quite fetching on your lips, but because it is so very reflective it also makes your lips look bigger! Although I find this lipstick hard to combine, I must say that I'm am very fond of it and that I like wearing it a lot, I haven't come across a colour like this before.

Givenchy Gloss Interdit: Idyllic Plum

Except from the gorgeous logo, the Givenchy Gloss doesn't really look like anything special from the outside. It's when you open it, that's when you notice that you've got your hands on a high-end product. The gloss opens with a weighty *pop* and the brush that's made out of actual hairs also suggests high quality. I can't say that the packaging is for me though, but I don't dislike it either. 

I usually don't really like glosses because they feel so sticky, but Idyllic Plum isn't sticky at all! The consistency actually feels very nice on the lips and I feel like the colour is very flattering as well. There's micro shimmers in it, which aren't really noticeable but do make the lips appear even more glossy. The gloss doesn't survive for long though, and the colour doesn't really stain so you'll have to reapply this a lot. Applying it isn't as easy as with a doe-footed applicator, but the hairs are a lot more precise. Still, it was hard to get an even coat of gloss everywhere, and it's easy to over apply and make your lips look gloopy. 

On the fullface photo you can clearly see that the gloss didn't apply evenly, thus making it look a bit strange on the lips. That said, it did feel very comfortable and even nourishing, which is fantastic for people that have dry lips, like myself. For a gloss, I quite like it. 

Final Verdict:

Givenchy Idyllic Plum:
Colour opacity is absolutely stunning, the colour itself is quite flattering and the gloss doesn't feel sticky or nasty on the lips but instead it feels nourishing. Downsides are that the gloss is quite expensive at £19.50 and that it's hard to apply evenly. The wearing time also isn't great, only an hour or so, but you can't really expect long wear from a gloss. 

Rimmel Kate no. 5
A wonderful budget lipstick! At £5.50 it's a steal, the lipstick survives for quite a long time and I'm absolutely in love with the colour and the consistency. It's creamy but doesn't slip or slide and it doesn't dry out my lips at all or make patches more noticeable. There are no downsides. 

Revlon Wild Orchid
Another favourite, it's consistency is lightweight whilst still being very opaque and vibrant. The colour is truly very interesting and the wearing time is above 4 hours, but it would need reapplying after a meal. The only downside is that I don't really see why it should be any more expensive than the Kate line, but with it being £7.50 I really have no reason to complain. 

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