Sunday, 1 September 2013

How to make any lipstick matte

Usually when it comes to lipstick, I prefer satin over matte finishes. Matte lipsticks tend to get a bit too drying for me, but sometimes I want to change my lipstick up a bit and go for something less glossy. Luckily, there's a well known trick that allows you to transform any lipstick into a matte finish! It's super easy too, here's what you do.

Your matte magic supplies

You will need a powder brush and some face powder. Transluscent setting powder is the best, but as long as it's not too opaque any powder will do. You will also need a tissue, and of course your lipstick of choice. I chose red.

First you apply the lipstick of your choice! I went for Sleek's lipstick in Siren.

Tissue time

Gently cover your mouth with the tissue, the silly face of choice is optional but it does make the whole thing more fun.

Load up your brush with powder and lightly dab it on the tissue. Make sure you don't inhale any powder! It's not very good for your lungs, so try and breathe through your nose when you're doing this or take short breaks in between.

Picture for comparison
Above is the before image, below is the finished result!

Do you see the difference? There are other ways to go about this too, you could also dust some eyeshadow in the same colour on your lips for the same effect but using the tissue insures that you don't get any gritty powder residue on your lips. 


  1. http://www.getsetblush.com2 September 2013 at 09:41

    hey thaats a cool technique.. thanks for the tips :)

  2. haha die silly foto's zijn cuuute :D en ik vind het matte effect altijd wel mooi, ik ga dit zeker proberen ^^

  3. Je blog is echt tof! Originele artikelen en duidelijke voor en na foto's. Leest fijn!

  4. Wow wat leuk! Dankjewel! :D

  5. Han, this has nothing to do with the poat, but would you consider making a hair care/ hair style tutorial? I love your hair in all of your pictures!

  6. Thank you Emma! I would do it if I thought it would be interesting for you guys at all, but I'm afraid the article would be laughably bad. You see, I don't really actually do anything with my hair! I kind of brush it and that's it. I'm so lazy with it, it's ridiculous haha.

    What I am planning on however is making a tutorial on how I dye my hair, and there's also going to be a video of my first try with a hair curler coming up! So I hope that's near enough to the topic for you haha.

  7. Awesome, can't wait! =)