Saturday, 17 August 2013

Tutorial: Wearable Rainbow/ Back To School Look

Summer is almost over and if you were lucky enough to still go to school and have weeks upon weeks of freedom, so is your summer holiday. What I love about being a student is that you can get away with looking however the hell you want. This is why I made this 'Back To School' look for you, it's a little bit different and a lot more colourful than the standard look but in my opinion still very wearable and cute as well. Definitely suitable for your first day back at school, uni but also if you just fancy wearing a lot of colours on your eyes but don't want it to look too crazy. Do you want to know how to achieve this look? Keep on reading!

Keep in mind that you can always click on the images to see a larger version and that the brushes used in the picture are also the brushes used for that step!

Prime your eyes

Prime your eyes with an eye-primer. This will make the eyeshadow stand out much more and will make it last a lot longer as well! Apply primer all over the eyelid and browbone and don't forget to swipe some over the lower lashline as well.


With an eyeshadow brush, apply a matte eyeshadow in about the same shade as your skin all over the lid to the browbone. It's okay to go a few shades lighter than your skin as well and use it as a highlight. This is the lightest colour we'll use.

Define the crease

I wanted to create a bit more depth to my eyes, so with a blending brush, grab a colour that's a few shades darker than your skin colour. I used a coppery brown, but you can use a matte brown too. Don't go too dark, it looks nicest if we keep it subtle. Go back and forth through the crease with gentle windshield motions until you're happy. Don't worry if it doesn't look nicely blended, we're going to do that in the next step.


With that same blending brush, now take a matte taupe that's just a few shades lighter than the previous colour we used and gently apply it in circular motions in the area shown in the diagram. This will blend the colours out softly without them looking muddy.

Nude or white liner

We're including this step because of three reasons, but you can skip it if you want to. First of all, it will give you a kind of blueprint as to how you want your line to go, you're basically making it easy for yourself because you'll apply the eyeshadow colours over this line. Second of all, it will create a sticky base for the colours to adhere to so that they last longer and last of all, using a white or nude base makes the colours look more vibrant!


Using an angled brush that I usually save for gel liner, take a bit of red eyeshadow and after tapping the excess off on your hand, carefully dab it on your eye. Dab it, don't drag or pull it over the skin! Dabbing releases more pigment and prevents fallout.


Taking an orange colour with the same brush (don't forget to tap off excess eyeshadow! It'll prevent fallout) gently go over part of the red colour and follow the line. Remember, dab, don't drag.


Repeat this step with yellow, go slightly over the bit you've just done and then move outwards. Doing so will make the colours flow into a lovely gradient and will make the colours blend nicely.



Just one more colour to go after this one!


Taking the purple colour, wing the line out the way you want to. I like to follow the natural shape of my eye and follow the way my lashes would go if I curled them so that my eyes look bigger. This is the last part of the rainbow eye liner! You've done it! Take your time to slowly add some more colour to the places that haven't blended nicely yet.

Lower Lashline

Gently line your lower lashline with a matte brown eyeshadow. Go only about three quarters in, this makes your eyes look bigger. If the line looks too harsh feel free to smudge it out!

All done!

I chose to tightline my eyes - which is going through the roots of your lashes with gel or kohl liner so that there's more darkness and definition but it doesn't take up any space on your lids - but you could totally go for a winged eyeliner as well. Curl your lashes, put on your favourite mascara and you're good to go!

I kept the rest of my make-up light with just some concealer at the places that needed it, filled in eyebrows, a bit of coral blusher and a soft, natural colour on the lips. 

I hope you liked this cheerful little tutorial! I personally really love this eye look and I wear it a lot, it's colourful enough where it stand's out but it doesn't make you feel like you look silly or like you're wearing a lot of make-up. Also, I just really love rainbow themed stuff so there was always a danger of me crowbarring it in my blog! Haha.

Palettes and colours used in this tutorial:

Sleek Vivid Mattes Brights (Blue, Green, Purple)
Essence Pigments (Red and Orange)
Shiro Thunderbolt (Yellow)
Too Faced Pretty Rebel (Off-White, Matte Brown)
Stila In The Light: (Coppery Brown, Taupe)


  1. Wat leuk! I want to go back to school again!

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    Wat een mooie haarkleur heb je!