Saturday, 24 August 2013

Tutorial: How To Do Vampy Gradient Lips For Clumsy People (Like Me!)

I love the gradient lip look, especially if I want something a bit more dramatic or theatrical! It can be a bit tricky to get right though, so I made a tutorial for you guys to show you how to do it! I'm doing it with red lips, but you can use any lipcolour you like. It'll pretty much work on every one of them, but you might have to blend a bit more or use different colours.

Anyway, let's start! As always, don't forget that you can click on the images to make them look bigger.

Step 1: Lip Pencil

Fill in the lips with a base colour, the colour you want to be shown the most. In my case it's a red, so I lined my lips with a red liner. I tend to go outside the lines a bit because I'm a clumsy numpty without any patience, but don't worry if that happens. You can always clean it up later. 

Step 2: Slap on dark colour

Apply the darkest colour with a lip brush (or not) on the areas shown above. If you don't have any dark lipstick, you can also use a dark purple, dark blue or black eyeshadow! Make sure it's safe to use on the lips though! Again, if you smudge a bit outside the lines don't worry about it too much.

Step 3: Apply red and blend 

The white dotted lines suggest where you can safely slap on the red colour, and the blue dotted lines suggest where you should dab it and carefully blend it in. If you see things becoming a bit too light, lightly dab some of the dark colour back on! Repeat this step until you're happy with the way everything blended together. Make sure you only blend the edges, the areas shown in blue lines! Otherwise you'll lose the gradient effect. 

Still no worries about the mess, we'll clean that up in a sec!

Step 4: Damage control

Take a (or a few) cotton buds and soak them in some water or make-up remover. Now gently wipe the edges of the lips clean. The more gentle you are, the neater it's going to get. If you want an ultra sharp line you could go over the dotted area with a concealer, but I prefer not to. 


Sorry for the soulless expression haha, but at least you can see what it looks like!

And now your vampy gradient lips are done! Wasn't that easy? Even clumsy people like me can pull this one off, so that means you can definitely do it! 

This style of lipstick will go very nicely with more alternative and gothic looks, but will also look very classy with a simple cut-crease or combined with minimal make-up. You choose. Anyway, I hope you liked it. Stay tuned for my next tutorial!

List of products used:

Sleek Eau La La Lipliner (red lipliner)
MAC Russian Red (red lipstick)
Sleek Majestic (dark purple lipstick) 


  1. Prachtig! Ga ik ook eens proberen.

  2. Kay so I'm not attempting to hit on you or anything and I am a girl but I must say that whole style on you looks amazing. Your hair, lips and even eye shadow creates an effect that draws attention to your eyes themselves and it looks drop dead sexy on you. Also thanks for the lip tips...I've been looking for a way to do this without having to spend too much money or effort and you found a way.