Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Review: Sleek Eau La La liners. Pumpkin, Rouge, Red Sky Night and Dragonfruit

Don't you just love it when a product has multiple functions? Sleek's Eau La La liners are just like that. They're not only suitable as a lip liner, but also safe to be used on the eyes and anywhere else! I really loved the idea of having a pencil which I could just use for anything, and after I had used the red one (Rouge) for a while I knew I was going to collect more.

It won't really be a surprise to you that I'm a big fan of these and that I - of course - want to share my enthusiasm with you, so if you want to know what exactly is so awesome about these beauties, then keep on reading!

The Eau La La liners retail for £5 and are for sale at either Superdrug or on several websites, including their own. This makes them quite nicely priced, I wouldn't exactly call it super cheap but it's definitely not expensive either. The colour range is also fantastic, there are the usual colours such as red, berry and pink but also outlandish shades such as blue, yellow, black and white!

From top to bottom: Rouge, Red Sky Night, Dragonfruit, Pumpkin

When I swatched the liners on my arm I could immediately tell how creamy they were and how opaque they are in just one stroke. As opposed to my usual experience with lip liners, these slide over the skin with ease and there was no tugging at all! This is really great, because usually lip liners can be a bit tough and hard to work with, especially the ones from the drugstore. This always irritates my lips a bit, so it is a big plus that the Sleek Eau La La liners are so creamy.

They're longlasting as well! I walked around with the swatches on my arm all day and even took a shower with them. After the shower I noticed it was still on so I had to remove it with make-up remover instead, I didn't expect they'd be so longlasting because of the creaminess but it's really good that they are.


Rouge is a true red that's perfect for under any red lipstick! I've used it under really orange based and blue based reds, and it all looks wonderful. Rouge also prevents my lipstick from gliding and makes the colour stay on longer, just like a good lipliner should do.

Red Sky Night

Most of the Eau La La liners are very aptly named, but I have no idea whatsoever why this one is called Red Sky Night. Maybe it's a reference I don't get. Anyway, this is a very light pink that is wonderful to use under any pink lipstick, but also corals that turn a bit orange on you and you want to turn a bit pinker. I often have this problem with coral and peach colours, so this is the perfect liner to combat that with.


Dragonfruit actually looks a bit more red here on the photo than in real life, because the name Dragonfruit is just perfect. It really is exactly the reddish pink of a dragonfruit! I've been looking for a lipliner like this for ages, because some of my favourite lipsticks are raspberry red and using a usual red under them doesn't quite do it justice.


I had been looking for an orange lipliner for absolutely ages! Pumpkin looks quite a bit more peachy and lighter in the photo than in real life. In reality it's a much brighter orange, perfect for under orange lipsticks and also for if coral colours turn pink on you and you'd like them to look more true to colour.

Using the Eau La La liners on the eyes is very easy as well, you just need to make sure that you've sharpened the tip properly and they'll glide on like nothing else. The colour stays on for a long time, doesn't smudge but isn't completely waterproof, I'd call it water resistant instead.

Final Verdict:

The Sleek Eau La La liners have become my staple lip liners, but they're good to use on the eyes as well! The colours are vibrant and are opaque, so if you have very pigmented lips they'll be really good for you. The liners glide on easily and after staying sticky for a bit they dry up, but they won't feel uncomfortable on the lips. Combine that with how cheap they are, how long they last and the variety of colours you can get, and I truly don't think I could do any better unless I pay at least triple the amount. Definitely buy these if you want a really good lipliner for a drugstore price!


  1. echt super cute dat je lippen getekend hebt :D origineel! ik vind red sky night mooi ookal snap ik de naam ook niet :P

  2. Dankjewel! Haha ik kon het niet laten. Ik vind Red Sky Night ook heel mooi, maar ja die naam. Waar zouden ze die nou weer vandaan halen? :p

  3. Wow, pumpkin is pretty!!!