Thursday, 15 August 2013

Review: Shiro Cosmetics. Swatches+Looks!

As you may or may not recall, I've already written an article about Shiro Cosmetics once, but that was about my first impressions. Now that I've purchased a few more things from the brand I feel like I can write a proper review about my experience with them. Shiro is an indie brand, and you always have to be a bit careful with individual developers because you never know whether they're actually trustworthy or not. You should always research a brand before you buy anything and when I researched Shiro the only thing that showed up was lovely, so let's see if that was deserved!

Shiro is a make-up brand that sells collections based of all sorts of geekery such as Pokemon, Death Note, The Hunger Games, The Hobbit and so much more. This, of course, made my geeky heart squeel in absolute happiness but it was the interesting range of colours that totally won me over. Shiro's loose pigments come in all sorts of shades imagineable and more, and with the samples being only $1 each it's very easy to buy a lot just to try them out.

I'd also like to add that all of Shiro Cosmetic's products are completely vegan and also cruelty free!

Every order arrives safely packaged, with a few token gestures such as candy, two free samples and a little thank you note! I find this very sweet and it shows excellent costumer service. The only thing I could possibly have to complain about the service is that I had to wait about three weeks for my order to arrive which in my opinion is easily forgiven since I know that Shiro Cosmetics doesn't have a lot of staff and is very popular at the moment. I don't mind the wait, but it might be important to others so I felt like I had to include it.

All of the samples come with their individual ingredients which I find very handy. The main ingredient is mica, which is an awesome sign because mica is the pigments most eyeshadows are made of. This means that they're very pigmented and soft instead of chalky and gritty!

The sample bags are truly very tiny but still have enough pigment in it to be used multiple times with ease. You could press these into eyeshadows, eye liners, blushers or use them as they are. The packages also state whether they're safe on the lips or not, and if they are you could even use them to make a lipgloss or your own lipstick! I used all of them to press and use as eyeshadow though.

I did notice that some samples contain more product than others, which isn't a complaint or anything but just something I noticed.

Loose Pigment Swatches:

Since I wanted to use the pigments for pressing I didn't want to swatch them all because I felt like I would waste too much product, so instead I swatched three random picks so you can see how the product performs on its own. As you can see, the pigments are opaque in just one swatch and very pigmented. They all went on very smoothly and I couldn't detect any chalkiness. They feel like silk powder and even though they're loose pigments, they're very easy to work with. I noticed this silky smooth feel in every sample bag, so my educated guess is that all of the eyeshadows perform like this.

Swatches, lots and lots of swatches: 

I want to make clear that the following swatches are made out of the pigments I pressed myself and if some of them don't perform well, it's basically because I messed it up. As I said above, they're already very good in their loose pigment form, but I wanted to show you the range of colours they have. I accumulated a lot over the last few months, but I'm not even sure I own half of what the brand has to offer. 

As you can see, the variety of colours available is astounding! I'm really pleased with most of them, and the only duds I have is my own stupid fault for not pressing them properly. My favourites are the purple shades in the last column, but that's my personal weakness to purples shining through. *swoons*


Fullmetal and Detective all over the lid. War Of Five Armies in the outer corners and crease, Day Of Reckoning in outer corners and crease. 

Heart Attack and Day Of Reckoning as the darker purple shades, blended out with Divine Justice and warmed up a bit with Unforgettable.

Shiro's pigments are very easy to work with since they are soft and very pigmented. Blending goes easy and smoothly and they don't need much TLC to look great. What I love most about it though is that most of these colours are unique with their mulicolour glitter and interesting shades but that they're still so wearable as well.

Final Verdict

Shiro Cosmetics has become one of my favourite brands!

The prices are really good ($1 for a sample, $3.50 for a mini and $5 for a full size), the service is excellent with their friendly approach and free samples and the products are really nice quality. That they've combined my two favourite things ever, make-up and geekery, is another plus but you definitely don't have to like the franchises to fall in love with Shiro's range. Shipping isn't extortionate at £7.50 for international shipping and the only thing I can think of that isn't absolutely awesome about it is the amount of time you have to wait for the product to reach you if you don't live in the US. I personally find that a minor inconvenience and very understandable given that they're such a small company still. As icing on the cake all of their products are also completely vegan and cruelty free, so you really can't go wrong here. 

Buy if: You want really good products for a fair price, are looking for more cruelty free brands or have been waiting for a make-up brand that releases products regarding your interests for a long time.

Don't buy if: You don't like working with loose pigments and are unwilling to press them or if you don't feel like waiting a few weeks for your order to arrive.


  1. Goede test Hanny! Al een link naar Shiro gestuurd?

  2. Ik heb deze review even opgezocht naar aanleiding van het gesprekje op twitter met Robin haha maar wauw wat een prachtige pigments! En super leuk dat ze allerlei leuke collecties hebben zoals die van the hunger games. Ik ga gelijk even op de site rondneuzen :)