Sunday, 4 August 2013

Random Favourites #1

game of thrones wallpaper showing house stark

I always love reading about other people's random favourites, so I thought I'd give it a go myself! It's really nice to have a think about the things you enjoy at the moment so it was a lot of fun for me to do and hopefully enjoyable to read as well. 

First of all, Game of Thrones! Gosh I love that show. Once I had seen the first season I read all of the books, and eventually became so obsessed with it that I made the fan art shown above. Guys, I NEVER make fan art, ever. That's how I adore the whole franchise. It's also the first time that for me the show is equal to the books. I don't prefer one over the other, they're both great. 

I'm a bit devastated that I'll have to wait so long for the show to start again, so perhaps I'll have another read of the books or something. With my other favourite shows also being in development I really don't know what to watch at the moment, so if you have any suggestions give me a shout.

My Stitch Iphone case

LOOK AT THAT!! I found this little beauty somewhere on Ebay (if you really want to know I can probably find it for ya) and it just makes my little Disney-geek heart happy every day. The ears fold in, so you can safely put it in your purse and the packaging is actually quite sturdy! 

Jon Hopkins:

Jon Hopkins' music is relatively unknown, but I enjoy it so much. The music is chillout, with no text and just tunes. The track above is from the film 'Monsters' and is one of my favourite tracks ever. I listen to it almost every day.

I'm usually not into trance or dance tracks at all, but Jon Hopkins' new album just strikes a cord with me. It's so utterly enjoyable! I think it's supposed to simulate an evening out clubbing, in the beginning you even hear someone enter the door! I love listening to this while I'm working or doing something that requires typing. It's pretty tricky for me to listen to muxic with lyrics in it when I'm working, I get distracted really easily so stuff like this is ideal for me. 

Finding out Glycerine is an awesome eyeshadow primer:

What a surprise was that! I just did a little experiment with Glycerine in a previous article, and I was shocked to find out how well it performed. I'm very happy too, because Glycerine is so much easier to get and so much cheaper too than the other primer I used. I will have to see how it performs against other primers as well though, but at least it's better than Urban Decay's version. 

Nikkie's Eyebrow Routine:

As someone who has to create her eyebrows pretty much from scratch, this tutorial is a godsend! I'm not happy with my eyebrows lately, they're getting a bit too dark for my haircolour which has lightened a bit in the sun. The way Nikkie does it is a bit too overboard for me, but the idea of using a primer first and a few other techniques has helped me to change my brow routine for the better, I'm now a lot quicker too!

Eyeshadow Palettes, Stila In the Light and Too Faced Pretty Rebel:

Most of you will already know how I feel about the Pretty Rebel palette since I already reviewed it here, but I haven't said anything about Stila's palette yet. I've been really loving these two palettes a lot, and In the Light has become a palette I use very regularly! It's gorgeous, and I promise I'll have a review online about it very soon. 

One Look, Two Prices:

I loved doing that article! I'll definitely make this one into a regular, I'm already brainstorming for the next one! It's not just that it's interesting to find out if you really do get bang for your buck in make-up, what's even better is the participation I got from you guys! It was lovely seeing you comment and being able to play this game with you, so definitely stay tuned for more. 

Bright lipstick, even on its own:

Sometimes I like just wearing bright lipstick and forget about the rest of my makeup. I don't know why! It makes me feel kind of fabulous, even if all I do that day is doing chores around the house haha. Please tell me I'm not the only idiot who does this. 


  1. ik moet echttttt nu aan GoT beginnen haha! zeg het al een paar maanden :P en ugh waarom ben jij zo mooi <3 ik ben altijd zo jaloers! haha

    1. Haha awh dankjewel. Ik ben bijna jaloers op jou! Ik wou dat ik het nog voor de eerste keer kon zien. :p Echt doen hoor, de eerste afleveringen moet je inkomen en daarna is het super tof.

  2. GoT is so awesome! Kan niet wachten op seizoen 4!

    1. Jaa echt he! Ik snap wel dat het zo lang duurt want het is natuurlijk wel veel werk om het te maken, maar damn. T_T

  3. You need to do a GoT inspired look. F'real.

    1. My falsies arrived today, so the female version of the Khal Drogo look is coming soon! I'm dying to do one of the girls too though, but they're pretty much all very natural n stuff.