Sunday, 11 August 2013

One Look, Two Prices; The Reveal

So a few days ago we did another round of 'One Look, Two Prices' which has now become a monthly recurring article, yaay! Anyway, most of you guessed that Look number 1, the one on the left was the more expensive one. Most of you also liked that one more. In our last issue of 'One Look, Two Prices' the budget look won the cake, so let's see if you guessed correctly this time!

Note that all the prices mentioned were rounded up to even numbers to make it a bit easier to calculate and a bit more difficult to screw up. I also listed the items I got on sale and counted that in as well, so some items might be more expensive than my list shows right now.

This was the high-end look!

Yep! Most of you went for the budget look again as a favourite! I did get some comments that this lipstick looks nicer than the other version, but that the eyeshadows weren't blended as nicely. It seemed that although my brushes were more expensive, I needed my cheap brush for a more precise effect. 

The products that made the price go up the most were my beloved eyeshadow palettes, my expensive brush set from Real Techniques and my only high-end lipstick, Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte in Peach Passion, which is actually a lot more peachy than the picture suggests. 


I personally like the budget look a bit more as well, it seemed that the magenta colour played well with the other eyeshadows I used, whereas in the more expensive version they didn't really want to mix well. I saved money by using multifunctional items such as Illamasqua's cream pigment in Androgen, which I used for both lips and cheeks, Essence My Base which was both primer and highlighter and the Sleek palettes, which are both inexpensive and really good. This also proves that my ultra cheap brushes actually serve me very well, especially the Smokey Eyes brush from Catrice is a hidden gem.

It seems that the budget option has won yet again! Most of you thought the cheaper option was actually more expensive, which shows that cheaper options are definitely viable. Hopefully next time the high-end look will do better though, I'd hate to think I've purchased those expensive items and have them surpassed by budget options every time.

Next time, as suggested, I'll also make sure there's a poll so that it's easier for you guys to vote.

Did you guess correctly? Are you surprised? Oh and also, do you have a suggestion for next time's look? Do share, I read everything!


  1. Jij bent super mooi! Je haar ook ! :D

  2. Je bent zelf mooi! Haha, maar dankjewel zeg. Lief!

  3. Dit is een heel leuk concept! Al had ik het al beide keren fout.
    Misschien een leuke toevoeging om te laten zien hoe beide opties eruit zien na 4 of 8 uur, of er dan veel verschil is tussen de goedkope en dure optie. Kan me wel voorstellen dat dat veel meer werk is!

  4. Dankjewel! Ik ben het met je eens dat het wel een goede toevoeging is om dat te doen, vooral omdat je denk ik dan meer vergelijkingsmateriaal heb. Bedankt voor de tip!